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Zondervan Academic and University of Aberdeen launch Scottish Dogmatics Conference

Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 2021 – Zondervan Academic has announced a partnership with the University of Aberdeen to sponsor a biennial theology conference in Scotland—the Scottish Dogmatics Conference (SDC). The inaugural conference will be held in Aberdeen, Scotland in May/June 2023. Thereafter, the conferences will be held in alternating years with the Los Angeles Theology Conference (LATC), which will likewise become a biennial conference.

“In Scotland, and in its ancient universities in particular, there is a long and distinguished history of constructive systematic theology being undertaken in ways that are deeply engaged not only with the church and the wider academy, but also with society in general,” commented Paul T. Nimmo, King’s Chair of Systematic Theology, King’s College, University of Aberdeen and Oliver D. Crisp, Acting Head of the School of Divinity and Professor of Analytic Theology, St. Mary’s College, University of St. Andrews. “It is therefore eminently fitting that this great tradition will be continued and strengthened in the new forum of the Scottish Dogmatics Conference. The biennial SDC will provide a venue for contemporary systematic theology in the Scottish and larger European context, showcasing new constructive work in dogmatics that is deeply engaged with the past in order to resource the theology of the future.”

“It has been my privilege to work with Fred Sanders and Oliver Crisp in organizing the Los Angeles Theology Conference. The LATC has not only been a catalyst for expanding the theological horizons and impact of Zondervan Academic, but also a source of great personal delight,” said Katya Covrett, Associate Publisher, Zondervan Academic. “The conference quickly became a go-to event for many a theologian from far beyond Southern California, to across the US, and across the Atlantic. On my visits to the UK, it was a rare conversation with theologians there that did not express a desire for a conference such as LATC on their side of the Big Pond. Naturally, when an opportunity arose to work towards a similar event in Scotland, we at Zondervan Academic were thrilled to pursue it. After nearly two years of careful planning, we are delighted to be the publishing partner of the SDC. We look forward to seeing the constructive theological contribution of the SDC to the academy and the church for years to come.”

The SDC is being organized by Nimmo, Crisp, and Covrett. Zondervan Academic will also publish SDC proceedings under the editorship of Nimmo and Crisp.

For the past nine years, Zondervan Academic has sponsored the Los Angeles Theology Conference focusing on constructive dogmatics and covering the themes of Christology, Trinity, the atonement, Scripture, the task of dogmatics, theological anthropology, divine action and providence, and the Holy Spirit.

The next LATC on the doctrine of the church will be held at Biola University on March 17-18, 2022. It will continue to be convened by Sanders (Biola), Crisp, and Covrett.

About the Los Angeles Theology Conference
The Los Angeles Theology Conference (LATC) is an annual international conference concerned with the discussion and explication of Christian doctrine. It is a self-consciously ecumenical endeavor that seeks to resource contemporary systematic theology through high-quality published outputs associated with the conference themes.

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