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Zonderkidz book, “Goodnight Manger,” given to over 700 families in NICU’s around the country at Christmas

Zonderkidz author Laura Sassi connected with Jessika Sanders, of the non-profit ministry Praying Through the NICU this fall on social media. A 15-book donation of the seasonal favorite Goodnight, Manger from the author and Zonderkidz grew into an idea which got funding support from ministry supporters around the country and resulted in 771 books being presented to hospitals with NICUs and PICUs in 16 states this Christmas.

Sassi did a Facebook Live reading of the book with Sanders:

For more detail on how this collaboration came to be, see the author’s blog:

“As a NICU mother myself  — my 24-week, 1 lb, 9 oz. preemie is now in college — my heart goes out to the 770+ families who will be receiving the books and notes.  It is, most certainly, a dark and scary time. But there is hope… and light… and LOVE to be found in our Lord God. He is the Great Comforter and what better time to celebrate that than at Christmas,” says Sassi. “This Thursday, December 23rd at 7pm Eastern on the Praying Through Ministries Facebook page, we will be having a special Facebook LIVE “Christmas in the NICU” Reading.  Jessika and I will be there together to share some Christmas love with families — current and past — who have journeyed through the NICU or PICU with their precious ones or who are in the midst of the journey now.”

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