Devotional for Kids, Minno's YouVersion Bible App Devotional for Kids

In addition to developing and submitting YouVersion Bible App devotionals for adults, FrontGate Media can help you create a devotional for kids! We develop devotionals for adults to read with their kids. 

Our recent devotional contribution is a perfect example: Head-to-Toe Prayers to Cover Your Kids from Minno–the #1 source of Christian content for kids.

Whether you’re a kid-centric ministry or a family-focused organization, you can reach and engage the faith and family audience on the YouVersion Bible App. 

We’ve generated substantial results for Christian authors, leaders, businesses, and organizations with 20 (and counting) YouVersion devotionals

By creating a devotional for kids that families can read together, you can reach your target audience and increase brand awareness, website traffic, and engagement with your mission. 

How to Submit a Devotional for Kids with FrontGate Media

Do you have a devotional idea in mind? Or maybe you need help writing one? Whatever the case, we can help! We format and submit 5-day devotionals based on the content you supply, or we can write the content for you and publish it on your behalf.

Contact us today to learn more about the process and get started!