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Mark Affleck is a Pastor, Author, Corporate CEO, and the founder of Love God Fear Nothing (LGFN) Ministries. LGFN began in 2016 when Mark felt called to help believers grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. After a quarter-century as a corporate CEO and executive pastor, Mark decided to share his experiences, both good and horrifically unpleasant, to help others learn to love God and fear nothing. 

Mark approached FrontGate Media to expand Love God Fear Nothing Ministries through their YouTube presence. Fortunately for him, our FrontGate Moving Pictures’ YouTube Expert is none other than Steph Carse, a 4-time Emmy® winning producer, director, and writer known for his work with causes and ministries, music videos, book trailers, and more. 

Target Audience

Love God Fear Nothing’s target audience is vast. Mark’s message is for anyone who wants to overcome fear and learn to trust God more. When it came time to establish his YouTube presence, we researched within the platform to find his ideal audience. We started with the keyword search, “How to overcome…” and filled in the gaps to learn what his target audience was searching on YouTube.

YouTube Thumbnail Design by FrontGate Media

YouTube Thumbnail Design by FrontGate Media


FrontGate Media was hired to build Mark Affleck’s YouTube channel from scratch. To start, we established his target audience and created an optimized page with the proper banner, tags, keywords, and thumbnails designed specifically for his niche. We also created an intro video for the channel and made recommendations for the creation of new content. 

YouTube works entirely differently than Facebook or Instagram. You have to be clear yet unique in your approach. People use YouTube for specific purposes–they know what they are looking for and don’t typically “scroll” YouTube in the way users do on other social platforms. Because of this, creating attractive, catchy, and consistent thumbnails that cater to the audience’s needs is essential. 

Messaging is also important on YouTube. We know people have a very short attention span. The message needs to be clear and to the point to serve an audience effectively. Developing Mark’s messaging took time. Fortunately, Mark is an excellent communicator, and his videos are very strong, helpful, and to the point, ready to target and engage his audience.


Building a YouTube channel from the ground up is no easy task. However, with the right strategic approach, we were able to develop and grow Mark’s channel exponentially. 

The Mark Affleck | No Fear YouTube channel went from 6 to 1,100 relevant subscribers in less than 5 months!

This growth was possible due to the unique and engaging content produced and our clear and consistent YouTube strategy. With nearly 80 videos and 100,000 total views, the impact is only beginning, as the channel received over 51,000 views in just the past 28 days.

Even during a time when social platforms are censoring religious content, we’ve been able to reach and engage Christians and non-Christians who want to learn how to overcome the fear in their lives. The FrontGate team continues to strategically add to, adjust, and optimize his channel as the ministry produces more content. The opportunity for growth is massive. 

If you want help establishing and growing your YouTube presence, contact us today to discuss your needs.