Mark Affleck's YouTube ChannelIn late 2021, Pastor, Author, Corporate CEO, and founder of Love God Fear Nothing (LGFN) Ministries, Mark Affleck, initially hired the Christian YouTube Experts here in the FrontGate Moving Pictures division to set up and grow his channel. 

Our team established his target audience, optimized his page, created an engaging intro video, and grew Mark Affleck’s channel from just 6 initial subscribers to 1,100 relevant and engaged subscribers in less than 5 months! You can learn more about our setup and initial growth strategy in this previous case study.

For the purpose of this new case study, we’re going to focus on how FrontGate Moving Pictures’ Christian YouTube Experts created 10x channel growth for Mark Affleck’s channel in 2022

Target Audience

Love God Fear Nothing’s target audience is vast. Mark’s message is for anyone who wants to overcome fear and learn to trust God more. Rather than choosing a particular audience, Mark’s content is based on what people are searching for on YouTube. This way, the content is tailored to the needs of those looking for how to overcome fear and other obstacles in their lives. 


The Mark Affleck | No Fear YouTube channel releases one new video each week. The videos are approximately two minutes long and provide helpful, to-the-point information to his target audience. Additionally, each video includes an attractive, catchy, and consistent thumbnail that caters to the audience’s needs. Consistency in the frequency and types of videos on Mark Affleck’s channel played a significant role in the outstanding results and overall success of his YouTube channel growth throughout 2022.


In January 2022, the Mark Affleck TV YouTube channel had 781 subscribers. At the beginning of December 2022, the channel had grown to an impressive 8,500 subscribers. Mark continues to build a loyal following on YouTube through consistent, quality, optimized video content.

The subscriber count isn’t the only area where Mark’s channel has success. Here are other indications of how our YouTube Experts have helped this channel thrive:

  • How viewers find the channel: “Suggested Videos” – this means YouTube considers Mark Affleck TV consistent and of high content, so they suggest viewers check it out by putting it on their feed.
  • Watch time on the channel from 1/17/2022 to 11/11/2022: Over 5,500 hours!
  • Video views from 1/17/22 to 11/11/2022: Over 265,000 views!

Christian YouTube Case Study for Mark Affleck's Christian Channel on YouTube

This growth is possible due to the unique and engaging content produced and our clear, consistent YouTube strategy. 

We’ve been able to reach and engage Christians and non-Christians who want to learn how to overcome fear in their lives while expanding Mark’s ministry via his YouTube channel.

The FrontGate team continues strategically adding to, adjusting, and optimizing Mark’s Christian YouTube channel as the ministry produces more content. The growth we’ve seen in less than one year is massive, and we expect it to continue into 2023 and beyond.

If you want help establishing and growing your YouTube presence, contact us today to discuss how the FrontGate Moving Pictures’ YouTube Experts can help you build a thriving Christian YouTube channel