Here’s a little tip for your faith-based or faith-friendly advertising. This will be short and sweet.  If your ad says “Available Now” it’s pretty likely that nobody cares, and that’s showing up in your click or open rate results.

Good Ad!If you are not Max Lucado or TobyMac, with throngs of people hanging on, waiting for your  every word and next project, then you’ve got to provide something more than “available now” to get that click on your banner or to get that direct email ad opened.

With all advertising and promotion, you have to ask yourself, “What benefit am I providing?”  or “Why is my target person going to click this?”   People click, and ultimately buy, because it benefits them.  They are exclusively tuned into WIFM radio = what’s in it for me!  Their time is valuable. Their budget is at their discretion.

Christian book readers like to read. If you are not providing them with access to preview-read your book, you are likely losing out on customers.  Christian music fans like to hear music.  If you are not providing the opportunity for them to hear, download, or watch your artist, why are you bothering to waste their time?  Game players like to play… Cause activists like to take an action… College candidates like to explore college options…

Instead of “available now”, use action words like hear, view, watch, see, read, act, explore, download… You get the idea.  If you’d like some help or feedback in your ad design process, contact one of FrontGate Media’s Audience Delivery Specialists. We’d be happy to offer our thoughts on your ad.