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Worthy Publishing releases HOLY HOT MESS by MK Backstrom next week

NASHVILLE, TN—July 26, 2021—Over 80 million people watched Mary Katherine Backstrom (MK) explain how she accidentally hugged a stranger to thank him for washing the windows on her car, after all it was Christmas and she thought he was in the spirit of Christmas…he wasn’t…he was actually cleaning his own car!

One thing is for sure, we all have HOT MESS moments, but MK shares hers and in that she has created an amazing community! In HOLY HOT MESS (Worthy Books, August 3, 2021, ISBN: 9781546015499), MK opens up her world, sometimes it’s heart-breaking and other times hilarious but it’s always real and relatable. She shows readers that it’s okay to celebrate exactly where they are right now and how God uses each “mess” in our lives to bring us closer to Him…holy, hot mess and all.

A lot of people struggle with the concept of being holy. But the fact is, even the hottest of messes are being shaped—right now—into Jesus’ likeness. In this book, Mary Katherine shares the sometimes hidden evidence of God’s work in her life and shows you that it’s okay to embrace the hot messes.

Holy Hot Mess is separated into three parts:

  • You Are Messy (Identity and Parenting)
  • They Are All a Mess (Love and Friendship)
  • Being a Hot, Holy Mess (Faith)

The book will cover all of the topics that plague our hearts every day with raw honest truth with a side of laughter. MK invites you into her story as a friend, encouraging you to embrace the hot messes in your life because you are the person God created you to be.

Mary Katherine Backstrom is an award-winning author and influencer, best known for her viral videos and candid writing on family, faith, and mental illness. She has been featured on Today Show, CNN, and New York Times—but her friends and family are most impressed with her one-time appearance on Ellen. MK resides in Alabama with her husband, children, two dogs, and a cat. When she isn’t writing, MK is active in her church, her community, and her favorite Mexican restaurant.

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