Worth Dying For to Premiere “Rebuild” Music Video at New Release Tuesday.com

Shot on location in San Francisco with the revolutionary RED CAMERA®, the groundbreaking music video will premiere at Noon EST on Monday, January 9th


NewReleaseTuesday.com(LOS ANGELES, California) — Worth Dying For will premiere their new music video, “Rebuild,” on Monday, January 9th exclusively at popular Christian music destination NewReleaseTuesday.com. Starting at 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time, fans will be able to stream the full video in its entirety.

Shot entirely on location in San Francisco with the revolutionary RED CAMERA®, the groundbreaking music video is the first true glimpse of the band’s upcoming album, Live Riot, which will be available everywhere from Ammunition Records on February 7th.

“Our mission is to give a generation of last day warriors an anthem to fulfill the destiny that God has put them on this earth to fulfill, which is to infiltrate culture with the love of Jesus, to destroy what is destroying them with the love of Jesus and to rebuild what God intended from the beginning,” explains the band’s pastor, Jeremy Johnson of Ammunition Movement, who provides the prominent vocal track for “Rebuild.” “This poem of the three, infiltrate, destroy and rebuild, is our charge to a generation to rise up from the ashes and become the army that God’s called them to be. I hope this video encourages you in that way.”

The modern worship band with an aggressive rock sound has drawn obvious comparisons to musical counterparts such as Skillet and Evanesence as well as Hillsong United, Planetshakers and Jesus Culture. Listeners will find that their upcoming collection of 17 live songs creates a worship experience unlike any other.

Fans are already enjoying Live Riot’s first single, “Savior,” which is now available at iTunes. In an effort to capture their live worship experience for all, Worth Dying For shot live music videos for nearly every song on Live Riot. Starting on the release date, one video will be posted weekly on the official website at www.worthdyingfor.com.

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