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World Emunah is a leading Jewish non-profit social action organization dedicated to caring for Israel’s most vulnerable children and families. With offices in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, a small, dedicated team of professionals provide social services and educational support for adults and children. World Emunah has eight ongoing programs and various seasonal campaigns designed to work to improve the lives of the people in Israel, one child, one family at a time. 

As part of an extensive marketing campaign for World Emunah that includes social content, blog writing, newsletter creation, and paid advertising, FrontGate Media was hired to help promote World Emunah’s organization and mission on Instagram and Facebook. This case study reviews social content campaign results from July 2021. 

Target Audience

World Emunah’s ideal audience is people interested in supporting Israel’s underprivileged and underserved communities, families, and children. To effectively target this audience on social media, FrontGate created images and messaging that spoke to the needs of the people and goals of the organization. 


The social content campaign utilized FrontGate Media’s social and digital marketing services to increase awareness and engagement on World Emunah’s social pages. FrontGate developed and managed every element of the social campaign, including strategy, content development, design, engagement, execution, and analysis on Facebook and Instagram.

Specifically, FrontGate created and published 21 posts between July 1st and July 30th. These posts consisted of engaging graphics, photos, stories, statistics, and videos to increase awareness of the organization. 


The social content campaign performed exceptionally well on both Facebook and Instagram. Overall, engagement increased 22% from the previous month and 200% from July 2020–the same month one year prior. 

Social Content Campaign: Facebook Results

  • New Page Likes: 48 (up 35% from the previous year)
  • Page Engagement Rate: 12.40% (up 200% from the previous year)
  • Page Impressions: 29,695 (from paid and organic content)

Social Content Campaign: Instagram Results

  • Profile Views: 204 (up 603% from the previous year)
  • Post Impressions: 8,810 (up 218% from the previous year)
  • Post Likes: 164 (up 242% from the previous year)
  • Post Engagement Rate: 8.61% (up 4% from the previous year)

As you can see, all the numbers are trending up! World Emunah’s social pages saw a tremendous increase from our clear messaging and consistent posting. FrontGate provided World Emunah with a detailed breakdown of the top posts by engagement rate for both Facebook and Instagram, so they can continue posting relevant content using the proven model and template we’ve created. 

Through this social content campaign, World Emunah achieved its goal of increasing brand awareness and engagement for their organization. It created the momentum needed to effectively promote other campaigns developed by FrontGate Media, like the World Emunah Back to School Drive.

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