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Word of Life Press and Biblica announce the release
of the Japanese Contemporary Bible in Japan

The Japanese Contemporary Bible is being released by Word of Life Press Ministries in Japan in cooperation with the copyright holder, Biblica, Inc. in April, 2016. This meaning-based translation is a 2015 revision of the Japanese Living Bible (Ribingu Baiburu), first published by Word of Life Press Ministries in Japan in 1984. The Bible will continue to be called Ribingu Baiburu in Japanese and will be known as the Japanese Contemporary Bible in English. 

This Japanese text in contemporary everyday language will be easily understood by the majority of Japanese speakers today. Its natural fluency brings a fresh experience to its readers. It uses ordinary conversational vocabulary and unusual words are explained in parentheses. This gives readers, including seekers, the confidence to further engage with the text and ask questions that take them deeper into the message of the Bible. 

The Japanese Contemporary Bible is ideal for introducing the Bible to students, families and non-native Japanese speakers around the world.

Three editions are now available:

  • Japanese Contemporary Bible (Complete OT & NT). Hardcover. 2,016 pages. ISBN 978-4-264-03321-9
  • Japanese Contemporary Bible New Testament. Paperback with dust jacket. 576 pages. ISBN 978-4-264-03323-3
  • Illustrated Japanese Contemporary Bible New Testament. Includes 22 pages of full-color illustrations by manga artist Kelly Shinohara, who also drew for the Manga Messiah (Tyndale) publications. The illustrations appeal to children, youth and adults who love manga. Contains other B&W photos and illustrations as well. Paperback with dust jacket. 614 pages. ISBN 978-4-264-03137-6

Each edition has references for New Testament quotes from Old Testament passages in parentheses after the verse. The print is larger than previous editions and pronunciation marks are with all Chinese characters so all ages and foreigners studying Japanese can read it easily. They also include maps and book introductions.

These three editions are distributed in North America through STL Distribution and housed in the warehouse in Bristol, TN. They are available to Amazon and other retailers and wholesalers. They join 15 other Bibles and book titles from WLPM in stock at STL including the Japanese-English Bilingual Bible 2nd edition and the Manga Bible Story comic book Bible. 

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