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Whitaker House Promotes New Hensley Novel
with Re-Releases

Contact information:

Dr. Dennis E. Hensley
Office: 765-998-5590

Chip MacGregor, MacGregory Literary

Whitaker House has announced it will re-release three 1986 Dennis E. Hensley novels as ebooks as a special kickoff to the January release of Hensley’s newest novel Pseudonym. The three books were originally published by Harvest House and were coauthored by Hensley and former Saturday Evening Post editor Holly G. Miller, under their pen name of Leslie Holden. The three books, The Legacy of Lillian Parker, The Compton Connection, and The Caribbean Conspiracy, will retain their original titles, but they have been given all new covers and are being published under Hensley and Miller’s real names this time. The first novel will be offered as a 99 cent special download during November and December, and then all three novels will sell for $4.99 each.  The opening chapter of Pseudonym, a novel coauthored by Hensley and Diana Savage, will be published in the back of each of the ebook novels.

“The three earlier novels hold their intrigue now, even after 30 years,” notes Chip MacGregor, Hensley’s literary agent. “Dennis has gone back and edited and reworked the original versions so that they are better than ever. We expect Pseudonym to be a solid hit with readers when it is released in both print and ebook formats in January, and tying it to these three earlier novels is bound to build reader interest and anticipation.”