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Whitaker House acquires Smart Kidz Books

(NEW KENSINGTON, PA) Whitaker Corporation has acquired Smart Kidz Books from Smart Kidz Media, Inc. Details were finalized by representatives of both companies in a recent meeting at Whitaker corporate headquarters in southwestern Pennsylvania.

“We’re very excited for the opportunity to partner with Ron Berry in taking the reins of this innovative line of children’s books,” Whitaker said. “It’s a privilege to be able to offer these books which include a number of award-winning bestsellers that have educated and inspired millions of young readers children.”

Ron Berry, founder and president of Smart Kidz Media, Inc., was likewise pleased to find “a good home” for the Smart Kidz book division.

“This partnership is a good fit. I’m delighted to entrust Smart Kidz Books into the care of Bob and John Whitaker and their expert staff in publishing, marketing, and distributing these titles for a new generation,” Berry said.

Berry expressed thanks for the ease of the acquisition and speed with which the transition is taking place.

“Anchor’s on-site warehouse, distribution and fulfillment services, IT, and data management, systems are efficient and capable of filling large bricks ‘n mortar stores,” Berry said. “I’m grateful many of the Smart Kidz books will be available soon!”

Smart Kidz books includes titles for children from infancy through age eight. Bestsellers include It’s Potty Time, You’re My Little Love Bug, Love from My Heart, and It’s Time to Call 911, each of which sold millions worldwide, Berry said.

Other favorites include inspirational board books that have a song chip embedded into the back book cover. The best-selling Let Your Light Shine is a pre-school board book that plays the song “This Little Light of Mine” when the “lighthouse” button is pushed. Holiday books are popular as well with books like Silent Night relaying the Christmas story as the beloved carol plays.

“Smart Kidz books are known for their high quality sound,” Berry said. “The books feature proprietary sound chip technology, called Clear Sound XL—a sound and speaker system that produces audio quality unmatched in the children’s book industry.”

Popular series created and produced by Smart Kidz include My Animal Family, Best Loved Bible Stories, Baby Signs, and How I Feel. All of the series were created to teach living skills, character building, and important values.

Berry will continue to lead Smart Kidz Media. “With a bright future in place for Smart Kidz Books, I plan to follow my passion to create and develop multi-media educational products that help children grow into their full potential,” he said.

Whitaker Corporation, founded in 1970, is dedicated to sharing the gospel through books and products through Whitaker House, its publishing arm, and Anchor Distributors.

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