The Cloud is certainly hanging over us.  Most of the articles I read, talk about the Cloud’s amazing silver linings.  The marketplace is certainly doing its best to sing the praises of the tremendous benefits that rain from the Cloud.  There certainly are benefits.  I also see lots of reasons to bring along my umbrella. Sometimes the rain just leaves you soggy and smelly. Just ask your dog.

When is being in the Cloud not so heavenly? The third in a four part series…

How about when your massive, multinational provider gets hacked?
Sony's Playstation NetworkI should only need to say one phrase: Sony’s Playstation Network. The Playstation Network security team wants to forget 2011. The online gaming system took the headlines what… two, three, four times as hackers continued to immediately break into their databases and steal information.

The fact is that these “in the Cloud” software providers are simply far larger targets for hackers than my little small business.  In 2011, servers with your most sensitive information were even physically stolen off of secure trucks while being transferred from one “secure” location to another.

The reason you see so much commentary on how secure and safe your data is in the Cloud is BECAUSE IT IS NOT SAFE.  Sure, the providers have huge teams working on the best security and encryption technology available.  They just don’t always win in the war against hackers who have so much to gain by stealing the vast amount of data on those servers.

Do we use the Playstation Network? Nope.  But we do use Xbox Live.  Our day is probably coming.

The Cloud parade is going forward, rain or shine.  Make no mistake, you are going to be using the Cloud.  There are some benefits, even for us as the end user.   Frankly, you aren’t going to have much choice.  Just be sure to grab your slicker as you head out the door from your laptop, tablet and phone.

I’ll share more on this in my column next week.  I’d love to hear your positive and negative experiences from the Cloud. Share your comment below.


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