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August 2011

Scott A. Shuford Editors’ Note : This “top picks” summary features what is working in advertising, and is an excellent resource developed by the Human Events team, part of the FrontGate Media Group family.

As is discussed at length in the second article below, digital advertising is here to stay. Even in a down economy, online advertising provides a respite for organizations with limited budgets, allowing you to get the biggest possible return on your ad investment. In this issue, you’ll find specific tips on increasing the effectiveness of your display ads, and some new perspectives on Facebook and the wide array of companies that can take advantage of its reach.

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How to Make Your Display Ads Stand Out
Banner ads have to accomplish many things: they must catch the viewer’s attention, be memorable, promote your brand and message, and provoke some type of action… all while remaining cost-effective. That’s a lot of responsibility riding on a few hundred pixels! Here’s some simple tips on how to make your banner ads work harder for you.
Global Advertising Back to the Future
MediaPost Research Brief
As the global economy continues to stagnate, many marketers remain concerned about the effect this will have on the advertising world. However, according to ZenithOptimedia, global ad expenditure will roughly achieve the 4.2% growth predicted in April. This full study, which also projects growth in North American markets and identifies the internet as the fastest-growing advertising medium, should serve as a vote of confidence for digital marketers.
Older Facebook Users Catching on to “Liking” Brands
eMarketer Digital Intelligence
Social media, Facebook in particular, is generally looked at as a method of targeting a specifically younger audience. However, recent research conducted by Wedbush Securities indicates that Facebook may indeed have a broader appeal. They found that users 55 and over had displayed the most rapid growth in terms of interacting with brands on Facebook, opening the door for countless organizations looking to reach an older demographic.
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Our family of contributors gives our readers the widest range of the country’s most influential conservative voices, including Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Malkin, Managing Editor of RedState Erick Erickson, two-time presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, and more.   These are the powerful conservative voices most trusted and best heard — on Main Street, on Pennsylvania Avenue, and in Congress. Informed, persuasive, and credible, they create the ideal advertising environment for your product or cause.

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