Faith & Family Film Marketing Newsletter – October 2015

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frontgate-prSuccessful PR just may be your biggest gun.

FrontGate PR’s team is among the top in the industry.  Meet our team members, see our work history, and learn what we can do for your Theatrical, VOD, Streaming or DVD/Blu-ray release.

Get to know FrontGate PR.

Film Marketing Services:

FrontGate Strategy1) Strategy & Budget

Let us create your complete strategy plan and budget for launch

Show your investors what they need to know to fund you.

We will provide you a plan that covers everything you need to do to launch your project.  Click below for more…


NewReleaseToday.com2) Advertise Effectively

Our Web Network is #1 in reach to PROVEN PURCHASERS of Christian Entertainment.

We are also the most affordable of all the Web Networks.

…and we love custom promotions including native content, skins, and more.

Let’s get creative together:



3) What Works?

After 14 years, we’ve seen what has worked and probably more importantly, what hasn’t. We have worked on every one of the Top 10 Grossing Christian Films according to Box Office Mojo’s ranking.

Contact us to discuss what works and what doesn’t.  Click below for more…


FrontGate's Lead Generation ServiceShould Lead Generation be a top goal?

If you are making multiple films specifically for the Christian audience, then that answer is YES!

You should own an email list and Facebook following that establishes the base for every project you do.

We will build a list for you to MONETIZE your “owned” audience for crowd-funding or to sell product and related merchandise to, and ACTIVATE your owned audience to do the things you need for promotion, recruitment, and more.

Contact us to request our Lead Generation Overview.



As I finished up my college career, received the SJSU’s Alpha Al Sirat Award, and headed into the marketplace, my call was clear: Marketing & Ministry.  I’m a dot connector. I connect people to people and ideas.  I always have. FrontGate Media is all about connecting, communicating, and serving the faith-based audience.

Our vision is to serve marketers by connecting them to the Christian audiences they desire to reach, and to do so in creative and effective ways.

Scott A. ShufordOur desire to serve as we are called, to transform client companies into market leaders through our marketing services, treating people as people – materially, intellectually and spiritually; all the while instilling a cultural conscience based on Biblical principles, values and goals.

At your service,

Scott A. Shuford
Chief Engagement Officer

FrontGate Media

FrontGate is…
Your Gateway to the Christian Audience

Award-Winning FrontGate Media