Each new year comes with new hopes, dreams, goals, and plans. People across the nation stay up until midnight on December 31st so they can ring in the new year with their friends and family (at virtual or socially-distanced parties this year, of course). As they reflect on the year past and look ahead to the possibilities and opportunities that come with a new year, people determine their New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions give you insight into what Christians want. 

People change on that night. Their spending habits for buying and giving transform in relation to their new or renewed dedication to these life goals. From January 1st onward, consumers and donors are looking for content, products, services, experiences, and solutions that align with their new plans and help them achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

As a brand, you can’t know for sure the specific resolutions chosen by your target audience. However, you can capitalize on the New Year by tailoring your advertising, newsletter, and social efforts to the general social trends.

Here are three main Christian consumer behavior trends you will likely see in 2021. Due to lifestyle changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, how you advertise in the new year matters more than ever. 

What Your Christian Audience Wants in 2021  

Here is what Christians want in 2021 and how you can help them find solutions to their New Year’s needs by promoting yourself accordingly. 

1. Consumers Are Looking for Brands that Support Healthy Living 

The New Year goes hand-in-hand with health and fitness. Weight loss resolutions are extremely popular. Gyms and fitness centers often see a dramatic increase in memberships come the first of the year. 

This year, if anything, health and safety have become even more of a priority due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers have purchased more health-related products in 2020 than ever before. They have cleared store shelves of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, vitamins, and immunity boosters. 

Because the pandemic doesn’t seem to be slowing down as we near the end of the year, this focus on health and safety will not be slowing down either. Consumers will be purchasing health-related products and services that help them achieve their health, wellness, and fitness goals in 2021. 

As a marketer, you can capture the attention of these health-conscious Christians by highlighting your healthy-living services and products or your ministry’s fulfillment of those needs for the hurting and less fortunate at home or around the world. 

If you aren’t in the health or wellness industry, that’s ok! You can still reach these consumers by promoting how your brand is prioritizing health and wellness for your staff and customers, even if you don’t sell those types of products.  

Ask yourself: “How does my brand tie-in with my audience’s needs in this area?”  

2. Consumers are Looking for Products to Grow Spiritually

Spiritual and personal growth are right up there with health and fitness when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Again, thanks to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, products and services that promote spiritual growth, offer peace in the face of fear and uncertainty, offer personal development and betterment, and provide faith-based solutions are going to prove extremely popular in 2021. 

COVID-19 health and safety guidelines have forced most churches to move to an online-only format or into house churches as an alternative to large gatherings. Church services are live-streamed for church-goers to attend in the comfort of their own living room. There is definitely something unique about going to church in your pajamas, but “virtual church” doesn’t leave much room for community.  Group Bible studies came to a screeching halt and young adult services were shut down. Because of this, Christians are looking beyond “normal church” for ways to grow spiritually. 

As a marketer, you can help your audience find the spiritual support and personal connections they need by advertising your faith-based products and services. Whether you have a newly released book to promote, offer print or digital Bible studies and devotionals, create a virtual community, or have other faith-based content to share, people are looking for this and can find you, if you reach out. 

To capitalize on this need, consider promoting a lead generation piece on your website. With it, you can offer a solution to consumers’ desire for spiritual growth. This could be a free devotional in exchange for their email address or an invitation to join a virtual faith-based community all tied to your products or organization.  

Ask yourself: “In what new way can my brand tie-in with my audience’s spiritual growth needs?” 

3. Consumers are Looking for Companies Whose Values Align with Their Own 

New Year’s resolutions are always related to being better–physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually. People consider their goals and values and begin realigning their daily choices with these values. This realignment flows into every aspect of their life, including where and how they spend and give their money and time. Add to that the fact that values-based spending has increased in 2020 due to the social and political climate, and you’ll see this 2021 opportunity.

Consumers are not only interested in purchasing services and products that help them feel better. They also want to know the company from which they are purchasing has values that align with their own. Recent studies have found that 86% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a purpose-driven company. Even more, results show that consumers find it important that brands prioritize supporting like-minded causes, making a difference, and focusing on equal rights or their environmental impact.

As a marketer, it is important to highlight your brand’s values and what your company is doing to support causes that matter. This is what Christians want. While you can’t align with each and every person’s values, it would be beneficial to spend time identifying the main values of your target audience and then promoting content that aligns with them in the new year.

Ask yourself: “What are a couple of brands my audience loves that I can align with my brand?”  

Give Your Target Audience What They Want

With the New Year quickly approaching, it is time to review and renew your 2021 advertising and communications campaigns. Now that you know what Christians want in 2021 you can get started today. Designing the top-level messaging and then tailoring it into your public relations, advertising, social content, email newsletters, and other communications tactics is much easier than chasing your media opportunities and custom designing messaging one communications platform at a time. 

Considering the consumer trends that are gaining traction as we head into the new year, you can develop relevant ads, press releases, social media content, and email campaigns to target your audience in a more emotionally connected, personalized way. 

At FrontGate Media, we know what Christians want in 2021, and we can help you align your advertising, public relations, social marketing, and email efforts accordingly. Whether it’s designing and managing your social media ad campaigns, optimizing your website, or setting up and analyzing tracking data to improve results, we are here to help. Contact us now to get started.