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Webcast: BISAC-to-Thema Mapping Explained

Incorporate Thema subject categories into your metadata for more efficient global trade

The annual BISAC Subject Headings license includes a mapping to Thema, the unified subject classification system for the global book trade that complements individual national systems by providing suggested, broadly adopted Thema categories and qualifiers for each BISAC code.

This March 3 webcast answers the most common questions about this emerging international standard. You’ll learn how Thema facilitates export sales and international rights transactions, helps reduce metadata errors, increases discoverability across borders, and reduces the need to map to multiple unique national subject heading schemes. You’ll also get practical recommendations for incorporating the Thema mapping into your book metadata alongside the BISAC Subject Headings.

The webcast is intended for metadata managers; IT and operations staff supporting domestic and international sales, marketing, rights, and related transactions; and anyone who interacts regularly with book metadata. Bring your questions; Michael Olenick, Chair of the Thema Working Group of BISG’s Subject Codes Committee and Business Analyst, Bowker, will allow time for Q&A after his presentation.

The webcast is FREE to BISG members and is $49 for non-members. Click here for more information and to register.

The BISAC-to-Thema mapping is included with the annual BISAC Subject Headings license, available for download here (free for BISG members, for purchase by non-members). The updated mapping, which reflects recent changes to Thema Version 1.1 and to the 2014 Edition of the BISAC Subject Codes, will be available shortly; watch for the announcement.

Please email with questions.

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