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Warner Press releases veteran author Tina Houser’s 18th book

Anderson, Ind., September 5, 2017—Warner Press and author Tina Houser continue to grow their relationship with the release of Tina’s latest book, Fascinating Preschoolers. Houser’s latest book connects Sunday school teachers to a group of kids that are often overlooked as “too young” to connect to Jesus. She teaches us how to embrace their “fascination” and show them the wonder of the world God created.

“A preschooler’s existence is all about learning what their world is like,” said Tina Houser. “They’re seeing it for the first time, and it’s FASCINATING! It doesn’t mean that it’s a new technology, which fascinates adults more. It simply means that it’s new to them.”

After 33 incredible years in children’s ministry within the local church, Tina thrives on being able to train those who share her passion for reaching kids for the Kingdom.  She has authored 18 books, one of which is used as a textbook in select universities! She loves spending time with her three grandkids who give her tons of ideas to use in Kids Ministry and refer to her as “Silly Grandma.” You can find out more at

“Many people feel that during Sunday school and church, babysitting is what we do with preschoolers. In her book, Fascinating Preschoolers, Tina Houser has given us ample proof that these precious little ones want to learn, and to be fascinated by “doing,” not just playing” said editor, Karen Rhodes. “I learned so much from Tina in her class and from editing her book. It’s not only a great resource for teachers, but parents could learn so much from it too.”

Interesting to those in charge of teaching Sunday school to preschoolers (and parents), Fascinating Preschoolers builds on Houser’s already extensive background in teaching children in new, thought-provoking ways. Houser supplies easy-to-understand teaching methods that help you keep kids eager to learn about Jesus.

Fascinating Preschoolers includes a variety of ways to fascinate preschoolers and connect them to the Word. Fun science projects, musical instruments, games, and prayer ideas allow you to use the tools you have to connect with preschoolers in a totally unique way.  Tina’s years of experience become yours as you page through this new book.

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