Did you know that a successful #GivingTuesday campaign takes 6 weeks to roll out?

Giving Tuesday Falls on December 1st this year so it’s time to start planning now, but don’t worry we are here to help you plan and roll out your fundraising campaign.

According to MoCapturebile Cause, 2014 Giving Tuesday donations were over $45 million dollars last year!

Let us help you secure your piece of the donation pie.

Don’t let common myths get in the way of your Giving Tuesday donations!

  • We are too busy to tackle something new.
  • We will just tie this into existing campaigns already going.
  • We don’t want to flood the inbox of our followers asking for money.

We can help you execute a plan that will be interesting and compelling to harvest donations to help you fund your mission and ministry!

Contact Katie Nguyen at 949-459-3719 today, or reach out to us through the Contact form on our site.