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Wanda Brunstetter’s Sales Hit 9 Million

CONTACT: Nancy Berland

Uhrichsville, OH—Good news keeps coming for New York Times bestselling author Wanda E. Brunstetter. As “Amish Country’s Most Beloved Storyteller” launched her six-book “The Amish Millionaire” serial novel in March, Barbour Publishing announced the popular author’s book sales have topped the 9 million mark.

The new cause for celebration comes shortly after Wanda learned her February novel, THE RESTORATION, had earned the #1 slot on both the Publishers Weekly Religion and ECPA Fiction bestseller lists. THE RESTORATION concludes her popular Prairie State Friends trilogy. 

Known for her accuracy in portraying the Amish lifestyle, Wanda—and her popularity with readers—continue on the upward trajectory. Barbour reports brisk sales of the new serial novel, which Wanda co-wrote with her daughter-in-law, Jean Brunstetter. Six titles in the novel, beginning with THE ENGLISH SON, will be published under the Shiloh Run Press imprint, over six consecutive months. And that’s not all.

In August, WANDA E. BRUNSTETTER’S AMISH FRIENDS HARVEST COOKBOOK will be released, followed by September’s THE HAWAIIAN QUILT, which, again, Wanda co-wrote with Jean Brunstetter. Also in September, Wanda teams up with her husband, Richard Brunstetter, a gifted photographer, in THE AMISH QUILT. The non-fiction pictorial celebration of the Plain People’s quilting traditions includes Wanda’s insights into the roles quilts play in family life, as well as tips for those who want to make their own heirloom quilts.

Wanda and her husband share family heritage with the Plain People. They enjoy visiting their many Amish friends across the country, who provide valuable insight into their culture, as well as a never-ending source of story ideas for the prolific author.

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