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Veteran author Mary DeMuth launches a new literary agency

A longtime author mentor, Mary DeMuth is pioneering a literary agency to joyfully serve Christian authors and shape their writing careers.

DALLAS, TX, July 12, 2022 – This week, Mary DeMuth, author of over 40 books, is launching Mary DeMuth Literary, an agency dedicated to the nurture, coaching, and training of authors. Mary has spent over twenty years teaching writing, publishing, editing, marketing, and platform building at conferences, mentoring clinics, and retreats. She has a passion for pouring into authors and empowering them to fulfill their publishing dreams and goals.

“I have been in the publishing space long enough to know how important it is to have a literary agent who is responsive, encouraging, and tenacious,” she said. “I am thrilled to be bringing all of me to this new endeavor—publishing know-how, insider intelligence, and a hefty dose of creativity.”

DeMuth is primarily looking for self-starting, well-platformed nonfiction authors who value the writing craft and have grit. She’s particularly interested in Christian living books that are wholly unique, beautifully written, and are bent toward the global church. She also loves to help launch leaders writing their first books. She enjoys placing gift, artistic, and devotional books as well.

“Since I’ve been an author for so long, and I’ve been in the trenches of publishing, I know how to equip authors in their publishing journey,” DeMuth said. “This empathy is my superpower in helping clients feel heard, shepherded, and cheered forward.”

DeMuth is the author of 44 books, the voice of the popular daily podcast Pray Every Day (over 3 million downloads), a global speaker, a watercolor artist, and was a former church planter in Southern France.

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