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Verse Mapping was developed by author Kristy Cambron to help readers get “real” about studying the Bible. Over the years, Kristy has developed multiple Bible studies and a community for people to learn more about God’s Word. 

Kristy recently released her new Verse Mapping Bible, and FrontGate Media was hired by HarperCollins’ Zondervan imprint to create and manage various launch campaign tactics. Each campaign took place over eight weeks with the goal of sales, social engagement, and new Facebook group members as part of the overall goal to share in spreading God’s Word. 

Target Audience

The ideal audience for this campaign was Christian women and families who use or would be interested in using the Verse Mapping Bible for themselves or to give as gifts to loved ones. 


The Verse Mapping Bible campaign utilized four of FrontGate’s high-performing advertising campaign strategies with each marketing channel and its results detailed below. 

Overall Campaign Results

  • Total Impressions: 1,836,775
  • Total Email Leads: 715

Across all four marketing campaign tactics, the Verse Mapping Bible content was seen by over 1.8 million people. This astounding reach does not even include the “bonus exposure” gained by our marketing partners going above and beyond to share the content with their followers. Read on to truly grasp the reach and impact of each campaign. 

Women’s Blogger Network

  • Total Impressions: 1,676,946
  • Total Bloggers: 51
  • Total Social Media Posts: 184
  • Total Email Leads: 643

The Women’s Blogger Network campaign utilized our partnership with a large number of bloggers who have a substantial Christian following on social media and blogging platforms. The campaign included pitching, confirming, and facilitating the bloggers to go through the review process and posting their reviews and a giveaway program on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

These bloggers received a Verse Mapping Bible for free, and in return, wrote about their experience using the product in their daily lives. By sharing their personal experiences from using these Verse Mapping Bible on their own blogs and social media pages, these bloggers promoted the product to their followers.

With an outstanding 1.6 million-person reach, the “bonus exposure” we achieved resulted in even more unrealized numbers. 

While these bloggers were asked to post reviews on social pages, many of them took it a step further. For example, one of the bloggers not only provided social post reviews, but she also sent the Verse Mapping Bible promotion to her email list of over 25,000 subscribers. Another blogger also emailed the promotion to her list of over 14,000 subscribers.  Additional actions included posting reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and Goodreads, and sharing on Instagram and Facebook Stories. This expanded the total reach of this campaign even further than we can track and measure

Facebook Street Team

  • Total Participants: 169
  • Total Realized Reach: 1,014

We also promoted the Verse Mapping Bible through our Facebook Street Team campaign strategy. The campaign included pitching, confirming, and facilitating Verse Mapping’s “Raving Fans” from their Facebook page to be part of a VIP Ambassador Team to help launch the new Bible.

In order to harness the power of personal recommendations, we generated word of mouth from these fans. Once the Verse Mapping launch team was established, we asked each “Fan” to complete a series of four tasks: three on Facebook and one on Instagram. This Facebook Launch Group shared a specific Facebook post, tagged five friends on a specific Facebook post, commented on a specific Facebook post, and liked and tagged friends on a specific Instagram post. These actions substantially increased engagement, which then furthered the reach of the Verse Mapping Bible. 

Because each “Fan” tagged five friends on a Facebook post, we know the campaign reached over 1,000 people. However, there is no telling how many of those tagged then tagged their friends or shared the campaign with more than five friends. This is yet another example of “bonus exposure” and then extended reach these campaigns produce. 

FrontGate Social Posts and Email List

  • Total Followers: 149,827
  • Total Engagements: 1,286
  • Total Emails Collected: 71

FrontGate Media manages four Christian Facebook pages: Christian Moms, Christian Family Content, Sacred Scripture, and Do You Love Jesus. Between these pages, the potential reach is nearly 150,000 people. By promoting the Verse Mapping Bible across these social pages, FrontGate created even more exposure for the product. 

In addition, we also emailed our list of 10,000 subscribers with an offer to receive a Free Verse Mapping Sampler. This email increased awareness, engagement, and interest in the product, as well as resulted in 71 additional email leads for the Verse Mapping brand. 

All in all, the Verse Mapping Bible campaign was extremely successful. Not only did our efforts achieve the goal of sales, leads, and follower growth, but the ultimate goal of Kingdom impact is clearly significant as well! 

If you are interested in utilizing all or some of these campaign efforts for your next product or program launch, contact us today to learn more