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VBS Encourages Kids to Meet the Greatest Hero
Cokesbury Reveals 2017 Theme

Contact: Brenda Smotherman
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Nashville, Tenn. —As churches are kicking off their Vacation Bible School (VBS) activities this summer, a new program is preparing to make an impact for 2017 festivities. Cokesbury’sVBS Hero Central fits the bill for a perfect blockbuster time that will wow kids by helping them to see God’s awesome power.

Take kids on epic adventures alongside some of their favorite Bible’s heroes and discover the qualities that make us truly heroic in God. Cokesbury’s VBS Hero Central uses epic music, spectacular science, crafty crafts, heroic recreation, and fantastic Bible stories to help kids (and leaders) discover their strength in God!

Along the way kids will be introduced to some everyday heroes including Davy Barnes, a heavy weight champion and WWE competitor, and .Logan Cavender, a former Division One football player who will guide participants in their lessons. Each session will include a Bible story, learning a hero code, and memorizing a Bible verse and help children to learn to have heart, courage, wisdom, hope, and power all in the name of God.

The VBS Hero Central program is designed to introduce a child to a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Each activity is developed, tested, and refined to be an engaging, age-appropriate experience to bring the Word of God alive to every participant and volunteer. The program is based on the Bible and the gospel of the living Christ. It addresses and represents the whole spectrum of people–ages, races, abilities, and stages of development, is suitable for small or large congregations, and works in a variety of settings.

“We’re excited to help channel the excitement that pop culture super heroes receive towards God who is the true super hero of all,” said Scott Spradley, Cokesbury’s Director of VBS Publishing. “We know how important VBS is to churches and we want them to be able to know that they can don their capes with pride knowing that they’re investing in a trustworthy program. All Cokesbury VBS programs, including VBS Hero Central, are tested by churches and hundreds of kids from various regions in the United States to ensure that your Vacation Bible School makes a positive impact on young lives.”

Pre-ordering for Cokesbury’s VBS Hero Central program super starter kit (ISBN: 9781501820694 / $159.99) is available now with shipments starting in early winter. Starter kits include director guide, various age group leader guides, assembly, recreation, and decorating guides, a music CD, a Mega Media Pak featuring three DVDs, access to free online registration, and lots of free craft samples. Churches who order by July 31, 2016 can receive a free VBS Hero Central Kick-Off, valued at $110, which includes a leader T-shirt, an adult cape and mask, kids’ capes, a flash drive with recruitment materials, and a caped drawstring bag all shipped for free.

An interactive website providing information and helpful resources including music and decorating tips is available at

Cokesbury, founded in 1789 is an arm of The United Methodist Publishing House, a publisher and distributor serving the greater Christian community. Cokesbury’s mission is to provide high quality and relevant resources and services to help people know God through Jesus Christ, learn to love God, and choose to serve God and neighbor.


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Brenda Smotherman
Publicity and Marketing Manager
Phone: 615.749.6290