Last week, Variety and Rogers & Cowan completed their first Family Entertainment and Faith-based Summit for the industry.  It was a home run: way out of the park.

In fact, we may all look back on this event as the catalytic fork in the road for the next period of growth between the entertainment industry and the Christian community.  I tip my hat to Leslie and Kirstin and the rest of the Rogers & Cowan and Variety teams, respectively.Family Entertainment & Faith-Based Summit

What made this event special was not the level of talent that came out to speak via the stage, not the level of working professionals in creative, distribution and finance in the audience; not the discussion about the differences between family, faith-based or faith-friendly entertainment…  It was all of those things in the context of a sold out audience, half of whom I didn’t know yet.  Frankly, that’s a tough thing to do these days after my 23 year career in the faith-based market and my years of service on the Board for the Biola Media Conference.

This event brought new professionals into the discussion and into faith-based market experience. That can only be good for our Christian market industry.

Also of interest: the discussion across the day waded more and more into faith-based waters, signaling to me that faith-based and faith-friendly entertainment is deeply intriguing the family entertainment industry professionals.

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