How to be a guest on a podcast, Value of being a guest on a podcast, Top Christian podcasts for guests

Are you looking for a new way to reach the Faith and Family audience and share the mission of your business, ministry, organization, or charity? 

If so, then consider being a guest on a podcast

There are many Christian podcasts thriving in today’s digital world. Podcasts have become an increasingly popular vehicle for content creators looking to reach specific target markets, and those interested in connecting with faith-based audiences are no different. 

Keep reading to discover the benefits of being a guest on a podcast, how to get on a podcast, and the types of Christian podcasts within the faith-based market.

3 Benefits of Being a Guest on a Podcast

By leveraging the power of audio storytelling on top Christian podcasts, you can drastically increase brand awareness, engagement, leads, donations, and sales. Here are three benefits of podcast marketing for Christian brands. 

1. Your Audience Listens to Podcasts 

A central component of all marketing efforts is identifying where your audience is online and showing up there. With so many types of faith-based shows, there’s a good chance your target audience listens to Christian podcasts

Types of Christian podcasts

  • Christian podcasts for women
  • Christian podcasts for men
  • Christian podcasts for moms
  • Christian parenting podcasts
  • Christian podcasts for young adults
  • Christian podcasts for teens
  • Christian podcasts on dating 
  • Christian podcasts on anxiety
  • Christian podcasts on marriage 
  • Christian leadership podcasts
  • Christian comedy podcasts
  • Christian meditation podcasts
  • Christian history podcasts 
  • Christian relationship podcasts
  • Christian devotional podcasts

Do you want to reach Christian moms? There’s a podcast for that. Is your content for Christian teens? There’s a podcast for that. Do you talk about relationships? There’s a podcast for that. Does your company help business leaders? There’s a podcast for that. Does your new book target young adults? There’s a podcast for that.

You get the point. There are over 5 million podcasts, 70 million podcast episodes, and 464.7 million podcast listeners worldwide. Your audience is listening. 

2. The Audience is Already Established

Now you may be wondering if Christian podcasts are so great, why not just start your own? You very well can, but it will take time, energy, and effort to build a following–just like any marketing strategy. In the meantime, you can capitalize on top Christian podcasts’ massive followings and ultra-engaged followers to see more immediate results. 

3. You Build Brand Awareness and Trust

Being a guest on a podcast enables more people to learn about you and your business, ministry, organization, or charity. It also builds instant trust with the audience because they trust the podcaster who is vouching for you by having you on their show. Additionally, by sharing your story and being authentic, people will get to know you and the heart behind your brand on a more personal level. 

3 Tips for Getting on Christian Podcasts

So, now you know the benefits of podcast marketing for Christian brands. The next question is how to get on a podcast as a guest. Here are three tips for how to get on a podcast.

1. Identify Christian Podcasts Related to Your Brand

First, you want to find which podcast shows your audience listens to. You can do this by searching terms like “Christian podcasts on dating” or “Christian podcasts for moms,” depending on what makes sense for your brand. Make a list of the most popular and listened-to Christian podcasts related to what you do.

2. Choose Three “Pitches” for the Christian Podcast Producer

A Christian podcaster will likely say yes to having you as a guest if you clearly identify the value it’ll offer their audience. That’s key. While you’ll experience many benefits of being a guest on a podcast, offering value is how to get on a podcast as a guest. So, think of three topics you believe will resonate with their audience and accomplish your marketing goals. It’s an added benefit if you have lots of personal examples and story-telling elements to connect with the audience.

For example, if you’re a Christian dating brand, you could offer to talk about:

  • How to know if someone is “the one” by sharing your experience of finding your spouse
  • Tips for dating after divorce based on your personal experience
  • Advice for dating with kids that follows the outline of your upcoming book

When you reach out to Christian podcasters asking to be on their show, make it really easy for them to say yes by clearly identifying the value you’ll bring to their audience.

3. Pitch Yourself to Producers of Top Christian Podcasts 

When it comes to how to get on a podcast as a guest, you can do it the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is to reach out to Christian podcasters, pitch yourself, and hope to hear back. The easy way is to let FrontGate Media secure guest spots on top Christian podcasts for you.  

How to Get on the Top Christian Podcasts with FrontGate Media 

FrontGate Media’s Christian Podcast Tour Service makes it easy to be a guest on a podcast. Here’s how it works:

  • We pitch our 400+ Christian podcasters and secure interviews on podcasts that reach your audience.
  • We initiate conversations and build relationships with these podcast hosts on your behalf to find opportunities to reach their audience.
  • We research and qualify additional podcast hosts in your market space who reach your audience and are relevant to you, your campaign, and your organization.
  • We book your interviews on podcasts, select a topic with the podcast host, and confirm any other details.
  • We brief you on the topic you’ll be discussing on the podcast and any pre-interview prep you’ll need to complete.
  • We follow up once your interview is recorded to confirm the release date and thank the host for having you on their show.

All this takes six to eight weeks, from onboarding to discussion to execution and the final report. 

Want to learn more? Schedule a call today to secure a Christian Podcast Tour to promote your business, ministry, organization, or charity.