Programmatic Advertising for Christian Brands

Now that much of the Christian world is living in Facebook A.D., are you looking for new advertising strategies to elevate your outreach, engage your audience, amplify your impact in the digital sphere, and replace the tools you’ve lost via Facebook? We are excited about several other social platforms like Gab and Rumble, but there is a more immediate alternative for Facebook and Google you can turn to: Programmatic Advertising. 

Programmatic Advertising is an innovative and already existing approach that’s revolutionized the way Christian brands connect with their audiences online. It allows for targeting options that are similar to what Facebook used to offer but has the additional benefit of not being limited to any single platform like Google, Facebook, and so on. The entire internet audience is available to you through Programmatic Advertising. There are many ad distribution options, too, including Display ads, Native ads, Video, Connected TV, Audio, In-Game, and Digital-Out-Of-Home.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is a method of buying and selling digital ad space through automated technology. It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) for inventory across mobile, display, video, and social channels. This form of advertising eliminates the traditional, time-consuming methods of manual bookings and negotiations, making the process more efficient and precise, which keeps your costs down. It allows you to target your desired audience based on various factors like demographics, interests, and browsing behavior (even better than Facebook and Instagram!). In essence, Programmatic Advertising streamlines the ad buying process, reduces costs, and increases potential ROI for businesses and charities.

Programmatic Advertising Management from FrontGate Media

At FrontGate Media, we can develop and manage your Programmatic Advertising campaign with a $10K total recommended budget. Our management package includes audience profiles, ad creative, testing of ads, campaign management, and monthly reporting. We will build your email list, drive traffic to your site, drive people to your store, increase video views, grow your social followings, promote new signups, clients, donations, and sales, and more!

Benefits of Using Our Programmatic Advertising Management Package Include:

  • Access the Open Internet: We reach users wherever they are online, not just on social media!
  • No Contracts: Confidently test, knowing you can pause if performance doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • Multi-Channel: We can programmatically purchase ad inventory on a wide range of channels, including Display, Native, Video, Connected TV, Audio, In-Game, and Digital-Out-Of-Home.
  • Audience Targeting: We access advanced 1st and 3rd party targeting solutions so that your ads speak directly to your relevant target audiences.
  • Contextual Targeting: We leverage a patent-pending contextual AI so that your ads only show in relevant contexts. 

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