Who Do We Know…and How Can That Help You?

The Audience Tool

Our Audience Tool matches your Target Audience to our Digital & Event opportunities.  FrontGate is more than merely a Digital & Event Network.  We are Engagement Specialists; trained marketers here to help you achieve your desired goals, whether you are marketing a movie, book or album launch; an event, a donor development campaign, the launch of a new service, building your email or social following, site traffic, app downloads; and more. FrontGate is the home of leading Christian media outlets with faith-based advertising and sponsorship opportunities to help you reach maximum potential.  Stop in and read a few of our Testimonials.

Using the Audiences channel on our website enables you to zero in on key opportunities based on our most requested target audiences that clients have asked to reach time and time again. How do you get there?  See the diagram below.  Simply select the Advertising Channel on our website, and then select the Audiences subchannel (or click here on Audiences) you will be taken to our Audiences channel with links to every opportunity we offer.  By selecting from the list of most requested target audiences presented there, you’ll be able to narrow down to only the digital and events that reach that target audience.  From there, you can dive into each individual media kit to review specific opportunities.


Audience choices include… 

Book readers, church leaders, Conservatives, entertainment fans, event audiences, men, moviegoers, music fans, social media users, urban market, web network, women, worship leaders, youth & teens, and youth leaders.   This will help you to quickly focus in on the partners with the best match to your target audience(s), saving you time.  We will work with you to help select your desired target audience and then present marketing options that will speak to them.

Or Just Ask An Engagement Specialist

If you want to save even more time, just ask one of our Engagement Specialists to put together an even more specific list of individual promotions customized to your target audience, time frame, and budget.  We will work with you to help select your desired target audience and then present marketing options that will speak to them. Because we are marketers, not publishers, we think just like you do, seeking to produce the best results based on the available budget and resources.

There are so many opportunities to reach millions of Christians via traditional, digital, and social initiatives.

We can connect you to our “out of the box” site partnerships, blogging networks, event sponsorships, live or online video commercials, splash landing pages, social advertising, site skins, featured author/music/film/cause promotions, direct response, web banners, direct email, and much more.

Opportunities through our Christian Digital and Event Network includes partnership options with leaders like…

  • audiencesAscend Women’s Conference
  • Orange County Children’s Book Festival
  • Social Posting Partnerships
  • NewReleaseToday.com
  • The Washington Times
  • iTickets.com
  • OnFaith.co
  • Rapzilla.com
  • FlyBy Blogger Network
  • iTickets.com
  • The Book Club Network
  • BlueLetterBible
  • ChristianCinema.com
  • ChristianGuitar.org
  • Worship Musician
  • …and more

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