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Urim Books expands to audiobook production in South Korea

Christian audiobooks rank as bestsellers in a South Korean Mega Bookstore

In South Korea, consumption patterns and ways of using content have significantly changed. They are seeing a growing digital content consumption with the growth of new media such as smartphones and the emergence of a digitally native generation accustomed to digital life. 

The country’s publishing industry is also witnessing growing sales of eBooks, audiobooks, chatbooks, and web fiction.  Audiobooks are loved because they can be easily listened to anytime, anywhere without carrying a book.  It’s have revolutionized the way in which many readers consume their books.  More and more South Korean people have become interested in audiobooks with the development of digital environments and technology.

As South Korea’s market for audiobooks expands, a leading Christian publisher Urim Books, an international member of ECPA, has been meeting the needs of Christian audiences.

Beginning the audiobook production last year, Urim Books has produced eight titles of audiobooks in Korean until now and it is becoming a hot topic in the publishing market.

In June this year, Urim-produced Christian audio titles, Spirit, Soul and Body (Vol 2) and Heaven (Vol 1) (Vol2) have ranked on the daily, weekly, and monthly bestsellers in the audiobook section of Kyobo Bookstore which is one of the largest bookstore chains in South Korea. As well as, the audiobooks stay bestsellers in July also.

Spirit, Soul and Body (Vol 2) was recited by Rev. Dr. Soojin Lee, and Heaven (Vol 1) (Vol2) were recited by narrator Hyungkyung Lee, who is serving in GCN TV.

Urim Books is to produce further audio titles in various languages to keep pace with the increasing number of international audiobook audiences.