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Updated BISAC 2014 to Thema 1.1 Mapping Now Available

The updated BISAC 2014 to Thema 1.1 mapping reflects revisions in the BISAC Subject Headings, 2014 Edition, and the current version 1.1 of Thema, the unified global subject classification system for print and digital books that facilitates the sale of U.S. books internationally. The mapping provides a guide for BISAC users in selecting the appropriate corresponding Thema code(s). Thema codes can be incorporated into your book metadata alongside the BISAC Subject Headings.

BISG members can access the mapping, which is included with the annual BISAC Subject Headings license, by downloading the updated 2014 BISAC package here (please note you’ll need to log in first). Current non-member license holders will receive a copy of the mapping via email. The BISAC Subject Headings license is available for purchase here.

The BISAC 2014 to Thema 1.1 Mapping was completed by the Thema Working Group of BISG’s Subject Codes Committee. BISG’s committees develop the standards and best practices widely adopted by the industry that address common challenges for the benefit of everyone in the industry. For more information, please email

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