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Upcoming PubU conference to confront topics unique to Christian publishing

Among the 42 sessions within six publishing emphases offered at the upcoming PubU, held November 7-8 in Nashville, the following industry topics will be discussed among Christian publishing professionals and industry leaders:
Issues with changing Christian culture
How to lead in mobile working atmospheres
Digital trends in content usage as well as how to leverage readers online
Understanding the complexity of rights and data issues to maximize your content reach
How to market and sell to customers utilizing digital outlets
How the Bible influences all what we do whether we are an editor, designer, marketer, or lawyer
Celebrating the beauty and effectiveness of good design through packaging and marketing
Understanding how to tackle complex processes to make them simple for your own workflow
PubU brain trust lead Dave Schroeder (VP Marketing, B&H Publishing) states, “PubU is a time for us to come together as new and old friends to tackle some of our greatest challenges in evangelical publishing. The goal of PubU is to train, inform, connect, and inspire.” Schroeder is part of a team of 13 industry leaders who are developing the sessions in marketing/publicity, editorial, rights, design, reader engagement, and data, delivery & workflow. Q founder and author Gabe Lyons will keynote the event.
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