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Unilit/Spanish House Ministries Announces Restructure

Contact: Lorraine Blancovitch
Unilit|Spanish House Ministries
(305) 592-6136

A note from our Vice-president: Times are changing…New challenges, New Opportunities. 

I don’t think anyone can argue that the world is changing and for Christians, Christian businesses and ministries, the changes are creating new challenges and at the same time new opportunities. 

The questions we at Spanish House Ministries ask ourselves is what can we do to better align ourselves with God’s will and purpose. How do we take advantage of those opportunities? How do we better serve our industry and our partners? How do we extend our reach to a hurting world?

The answer was clear to us, proactive restructuring. We wanted to create a stronger, leaner business model that allows us to do what God is blessing in the most efficient way possible, while not only maintaining excellence in service and products, but actually improving both.  

Over the last month, we’ve completed the restructuring process within our company with an amazing team of committed Christians energized and eager to serve you. We encourage you to join us in our excitement for the future and the ways God will use each of us to reach the lost and bless believers in the coming years.  

With the costs of production for publishers, distributors and booksellers continuing to climb, we feel this strategy will enable Unilit to continue to provide affordable resources, most importantly the Word of God, without increasing costs to the distributors, booksellers and ultimately the consumers. We also welcome the anticipated side effects of adding new members to our team, fresh thinking and new energy. We look forward to introducing our new team members in the near future and trust you’ll welcome them warmly.

As you have probably come to expect from us, there is a challenge to you in this as well. I’m asking you to join us in aggressively attacking the struggling economy with an even stronger commitment for evangelism. This can be done in many ways, but regardless of the way God is using you, it must be done. It’s not optional. It is God’s command to us, the Great Commission.

For Spanish House Ministries, our dedication and commitment to providing support to various missions projects around the world, supporting the missionaries that go into the field, providing resources for the Church, publishing Books and Bibles for the Spanish speaking people, strengthening our industry and supporting you, our partners, remains our priority.

We continue to offer best selling books in trade size versions and continue to add to our most affordable series, pocket books, which enables the consumer to purchase these best selling titles at prices they can afford especially when resources are limited. 

Our Pocket Book series consistently prove to be a high volume compliment to the other products and create a nice balance for the bookseller to offer to the consumer who may not otherwise be able to afford a trade size book or more than one book at a time. 

Club Unilit also continues to grow and offer the consumer even more ways to get more for their money. It’s an excellent tool to increase your sales as well as offer gifts and perks to your clients. 

Going to the ends of the Earth to share the Gospel is the ultimate goal and with your continued support we can reach more people for Christ than ever. 

In tough times people desperately seek solutions to their struggles and we have the resources, affordable Christian books and Bibles, with which they can find those solutions.

Let’s join together in a spirit of strength and face the changing world together in Christ’s service. 

Romans 8:28
And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose.