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Unilit appoints Publisher

Miami, FL (August 17th, 2020) — Spanish House Ministries appoints Lorraine Blancovitch as Publisher. After five years of serving within the organization, Lorraine becomes one of the youngest female publishers in the history of Spanish Evangelical publishing.

Lorraine joined Unilit as an executive assistant followed by her promotion to Marketing Director. This current appointment is part of the strategic actions within Spanish House Ministries to constantly improve and strive for excellence in every aspect of publishing. Timothy Ecklebarger, President and CEO of SHM, said:

“As I continue to ponder the challenges we face in the midst of a global pandemic and the impact it is having on our industry I remain optimistic about the future. Specifically, I find myself thinking about the upcoming generation that will continue the work God has given us within our various ministries. First and foremost, my hope comes from my trust in the Lord and in those He will choose to serve him for many years to come. With that hope, and the sense of responsibility to mentor the next generation, it is my privilege and honor to announce a well-deserved and hard-earned promotion within our company.  It is especially pleasing and rewarding to me to have the opportunity daily to witness this person’s growth in faith and love for Jesus Christ. In the past five years I have personally worked with Lorraine Blancovitch and have been inspired by her personal, professional and spiritual growth, as well as her passion for the industry and our ministry. I am very pleased to appoint Lorraine as Publisher, and I hope you will join me in congratulating her on this incredible achievement. Furthermore, let’s get excited about the next generation and thank God for the opportunity to play a part in developing their talents.”

Lorraine completed her bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration with a major in Communications, and her master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, graduating with honors from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico.  She explains:

“Three years ago, I had a conversation with God and I told him that I thought it was time for a new professional challenge, because even though I had learned a lot and loved what I did, but I wanted to be more challenged. The next day, Tim called me into a meeting and asked me a very interesting and challenging question: ‘Are you willing to take on more pressure, to be corrected, and for me to hold you to a higher standard than I hold others? This is your place, and if you trust me, you will have room to grow at Unilit. God brought you here for a purpose, and my job is to help you find it and grow in it.’ By nature, I find it very difficult to walk away from challenges, so I said yes. That day we talked and cried for about two hours. Without a doubt, I got to know my boss’ heart better, and from that moment on he became my mentor.

I firmly believe that God becomes truly visible and real in us by challenging us and meeting us in those places in which fears act as giants before us. Recently I read something that reaffirmed my confidence and my faith. It went something like this: “We want a hopeful future with a dose of prosperity, but we don’t want exile. We want to be faithful like Jesus, but we don’t want to carry a cross. We want love without sacrifice, holiness without pain, and refinement without fire.” (Taken from Meant for Good by Megan Fate Marshman)

I was not planning on fully taking on this role now, as it is very intimidating, so I asked Tim to only make this appointment known within the company. As a good mentor, every week he took it upon himself to remind me that it was time for me to take full responsibility. In the end, I understood that it was time for me to stop running away and hiding behind my fears, and accept this new challenge. I am certain that it is not because of my strength, because of what I can contribute or because of what I know, but because the One who invited me to this challenge knows what He is doing and why He is doing it. His plans will always be better than any plan I may have.”

In her new position, Lorraine will oversee the planning and execution of every project that is to be published, approve new project acquisitions, establish the editorial calendar, monitor and manage budget allocation for all departments, and oversee the operations of the company.

The marketing department will now be under the direction of Adriana Cerón. She is a Social Communication graduate and a life long lover of books. For the past three years, Adriana has been an essential part of Spanish House Ministries’ marketing, communication and creative strategy development. These words reflect what this new challenge means to Adriana:

“My dream has always been to work in a publishing house. One day I found myself sitting in SHM’s offices holding a temporary position doing projects for Expolit, which later allowed for the opportunity to become part of the Unilit marketing team. Today I thank God because He knows our dreams, and the day we least expect and, in the way, we least imagine, He makes them come true. I enjoy growing while I work, and I am passionate about finding the best strategies to share the Message that changes lives.”

Unilit is the leading independent Spanish evangelical publisher in the world. Based in Medley, Florida, for 46 years they have concentrated their efforts toward  providing high-quality products, theologically sound and life-changing content, and delivering exceptional customer service.

For more information, or to connect with our Marketing Department, contact:  Adriana Cerón, Director of Marketing, +1 (305) 592.6136,