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Unilit appoints new director of marketing

Medley, FL, November 2, 2016 — Spanish House Ministries – Unilit, the World’s largest independent Christian Spanish publisher has appointed Lorraine Blancovitch as the Director of Marketing.

In September 2015, Lorraine relocated to Miami, Florida from Puerto Rico to work with Unilit as an Executive Assistant. In the summer of 2015, Lorraine was interning for the Veterans Affairs Health Administration, in their Washington, D.C. headquarters as an Executive Assistant for the director of the Office of Rural Health (ORH) and marketing intern within ORH.

Before Washington, D.C., Lorraine worked with Foundation for Puerto Rico interning for their “In the Know” division which developed new strategies to integrate newcomers to the island’s culture, political system, nonprofit sector and economic climate. Lorraine also worked for Easy Payroll, one of the most recognized Human Resources software developers in Puerto Rico, and Creative Minds Agency, an agency dedicated to event productions, talent development, musical video concept, production and development, business plan elaboration and business consultation.

Lorraine has a bachelor degree in Media Business Communications and is currently expecting to graduate in June 2017 from her Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico.

“We are very proud of the work that Lorraine has done in her time with us and how she has managed to capture the essence of what Unilit is, our vision and mission. We are very delighted that she is part of Unilit family, while we write a new chapter in the history, with new challenges and new opportunities,” said Tim Ecklebarger, Executive Vice President of Spanish House Ministries.

In this new role, Lorraine will be in charge of creating new strategies to promote and position Unilit’s products, and will integrate all marketing platforms to maximize exposure to the final consumer. She will also work hand in hand with the sales team to present new products, and conduct market studies for the development of new products, among other functions.

“Working in Unilit has been and will continue to be something that I enjoy doing. It is challenging but at the same time rewarding, the fact that everything we do is for a greater purpose, is something that ignites my heart. Everything we do is to simply be a channel to spread the Word of God to the ends of the earth, something I couldn’t do anywhere else. More than a privilege, working with Unilit is God’s way of showing me that his plan for me is greater than anything I could ever dream of” said Lorraine Blancovitch.

“During Expolit 2015, I was walking in one of the corridors and someone who I’ve never seen before stopped me and told me: “God’s grace will be upon you, He will give you connections you never thought of and will make your dreams bigger than you can imagine “… A year later, here I am, when I look back; the only thing that I can say is that His Word does not come back empty and His plans will always be better than mine,” she said.