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Tyndale House Publishers to release “Inspire: Worship: 100 Devotions for Coloring and Creative Journaling”

Carol Steam, Ill. (June 6, 2022) — Inspire: Worship: 100 Devotions for Coloring and Creative Journaling, releasing on October 4 from Tyndale House Publishers, is the newest addition to the bestselling creative journaling Bible brand. The Inspire Bible Collection features a variety of beautiful Bibles and Bible portions books with nearly 30 unique bindings. Inspire pioneered the coloring Bible category and has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to fall in love with God’s Word since its launch in 2016 as the #1–selling Bible of the year.

Inspire: Worship: 100 Devotions for Coloring & Creative Journaling is the first release in a new series of Inspire branded devotional books. Just like the Inspire BibleInspire: Worship provides readers a unique way to relax, reflect, and connect with God while using their creativity. It is a perfect pairing of music and art in a devotional that offers readers an opportunity to integrate creative expression into their devotional time.

Kim Adetunji, Senior Marketing Manager for Tyndale Bibles, shared, “Inspire Bible journalers will cherish this new devotional line of books as an additional way to connect with the Lord through creativity, coloring, and Scripture. The first book’s focus on hymns offers new and unique insights into songs we all know and love—or maybe ones we don’t know yet—while connecting our hearts to God and his Word. Some people will want to dive into the book for 100 days straight, and others will weave it into a weekly or monthly creative devotional rhythm. No matter what approach readers take, the Inspire devotional books are going to be a perfect companion to the Bible as they’ll have all of the favorite features from the Inspire Bibles plus individual readings with the goal of drawing hearts ever deeper into the Word and nearer to the Lord.”

This beautifully designed collection will strengthen readers’ faith as they meditate on 100 devotions inspired by the world’s most celebrated songs of the Christian faith. Each reading will encourage readers to stand strong, lean on God’s grace, and rest in knowing that he has a wonderful plan for their lives.

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Inspire: Worship
100 Devotions for Coloring & Creating Journaling
ISBN: 978-1-4964-6796-6
Softcover: $18.99
October 2022

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