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Tyndale House Publishers to release a variety
of devotional titles this Fall designed to cultivate
spiritual disciplines

Carol Steam, Ill. (July 26, 2017) —This fall, Tyndale House Publishers is releasing ten new devotional products to grow readers’ faith daily by engaging their creativity, intellect, and imagination. This varied collection features titles to inspire wonder and contemplation, practical needs-based devotionals organized by topic for easy reference, themed guides based on the One Year Bible-reading plan, and two additions to Tyndale’s Living Expressions creative coloring and journaling product line. By helping establish habits of worship, reflection, rest, and action, these titles encourage readers to invite the presence of God into their everyday lives. All titles are available through

Habits of the Heart: 365 Daily Exercises for Living like Jesus
Katherine J. Butler | ISBN: 9781496418067 (hardcover) | September 5, 2017

Are you spiritually “out of shape”? Do you long for a life that is fully and deeply engaged with the Creator? Does your heart ache to be transformed by God? Real change happens only when we train ourselves to be in the habit of exercising our hearts in the practice of godliness. Each day of the year, this simple guide will help you focus on one essential aspect of your walk with God and show you how to make it a habit.

Bible Promises to Live By for Women
Katherine J. Butler, Ronald A. Beers | ISBN: 9781496418074 (leatherlike) | September 19, 2017 

God’s promises hold great power. The more we meditate and reflect on his promises, the more we see real change in our lives. Living by God’s promises puts our hearts at ease and gives us assurance, strength, and encouragement for the future. Bible Promises to Live By for Women offers more than 500 promises from God and is arranged alphabetically by topic for quick and easy reference. Hold these promises close to your heart and let them guide you through life.

The Wonder of Advent Devotional: Experiencing the Love and Glory of the Christmas Season
Chris Tiegreen | ISBN: 9781496419095 (hardcover) | October 1, 2017

Rediscover the heart of the Advent season with this gracefully compiled devotional from beloved author Chris Tiegreen. After completing a week of short readings to prepare your heart for the Advent season, you’ll journey through December with daily Scripture readings, prompts for reflection, and guided prayer to help you savor this remarkable divine story. Take time away from the busyness to slow down, ponder the birth of Christ, and refocus on what the season really calls us to: worship.

The Book of Amazing Stories: 90 Devotions on Seeing God’s Hand in Unlikely Places
Robert Petterson | ISBN: 9781496428141 (hardcover) | October 3, 2017

You’re probably familiar with the contributions of famous figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Howard Hughes, Mother Teresa, Muhammad Ali, Ronald Reagan, and Susana Wesley. But you might not know about Ronnie’s faithful church-going single mom or William’s early days as a humble shoemaker’s apprentice. In The Book of Amazing Stories, you’ll marvel at how God used the lives of these ordinary people to change the course of history. Petterson’s compelling devotions show how each of these 365 amazing stories reveals something amazing about life and about God.


The One Year Experiencing God’s Love Devotional
Sandra Byrd | ISBN: 9781496413185 (softcover) | October 3, 2017

To experience something is to encounter and explore it with our hearts, minds, and souls; our five physical senses and our God-given spiritual ones. When was the last time you took a break to experience God’s love? Love unfurls its blossoms in our lives when we take time to concentrate all our senses on the small gifts we pass by every day: reminders of God’s beautiful background hum in our lives. This new devotional from Sandra Byrd helps you intentionally carve out moments to savor God and his love for you. It even includes special recipes for each month to help you taste and see that the Lord is good!

The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness Devotional
Kristin Demery, Julie Fisk, Kendra Roehl | ISBN: 9781496421616 (softcover) | October 17, 2017

Our world desperately needs more kindness. What would happen if we got intentional about being kind? This year, make kindness a part of your life, home, and soul by committing to doing one act of kindness every day. In this devotional, you’ll find Scripture passages and inspirational personal stories about why God calls us to show kindness, what it means to live a life of generosity, and how you can incorporate kindness into your everyday routine (and teach it to your kids) with easy-to-do ideas. Draw closer to God and show your world the kind of love that is possible with daily acts of kindness.


The One Year Daily Moments of Strength: Inspiration for Men
Walk Thru the Bible | ISBN: 9781496406064 (softcover) | October 3, 2017

Today, spend time with God that will fill your spirit with strength. Complete with Bible verses, helpful explanations, and practical applications, the short daily devotions in The One Year Daily Moments of Strength cover a variety of everyday issues and will help you experience a more powerful connection with the Lord each day. By showing up to meet with God daily, you’ll grow in your commitment to faith and be inspired to go deeper with him all year long. 

The One Year Daily Moments of Peace: Inspiration for Women
Walk Thru the Bible | ISBN: 9781496406071 (softcover) | October 3, 2017

Take a moment to relax, reconnect with God, and fill your spirit with peace. The One Year Daily Moments of Peace will help you engage with the Lord in a new way and experience a more thoughtful, insightful quiet time each day. With Bible verses, helpful stories, and practical applications, the short daily readings in this devotional cover a variety of everyday issues and will inspire you to deepen your faith and equip you to serve God more fully. Seek God daily, and be at peace. 


Picturing Heaven: 40 Hope-Filled Devotions with Coloring Pages
Randy Alcorn | ISBN: 9781496425270 (softcover) | September 5, 2017

Imagine Heaven the way the Bible describes it—a place of exquisite beauty, free from corruption and sin, brimming with marvelous detail; a place of both rest and enjoyable, meaningful work. Savor a respite from daily life as you read devotions from bestselling author Randy Alcorn, a leading authority on Heaven, and color these 40 designs, carefully interpreted from Scripture and illustrated by Lizzie Preston. The truths illustrated in Picturing Heaven will offer you comfort and relaxation, filling your heart with the restful assurance that God prepares a special place for those who love him.

Hinds’ Feet on High Places: An Engaging Visual Journey
Hannah Hurnard | ISBN: 9781496424679 (softcover) | November 7, 2017

Hannah Hurnard’s beloved Christian allegory is now a mixed-media special edition, thanks to the work of illustrators Jill De Haan and Rachel McNaughton. This new edition features charming watercolor paintings, antique tinted photography, hand-lettered Scripture, journaling and doodling space, and designs to color. As you read the story of Much-Afraid and her trials, the pages of this book become a canvas on which to chronicle your own story, struggles, and personal triumphs.

Hinds’ Feet on High Places, with more than 2,000,000 copies sold, is a story of endurance, persistence, and reliance on God. This book has inspired millions of people to become sure-footed in their faith, even when facing the rockiest of life’s terrain. The story of Much-Afraid is based on Psalm 18:33: “He makes me as surefooted as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights.”