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Tyndale House Publishers to publish Doug Hershey’s “Jerusalem Rising: The City of Peace Reawakens”

CAROL STREAM, Ill. (November 30, 2020)— Tyndale House Publishers has acquired Jerusalem Rising: The City of Peace Reawakens, the second installment in The Ancient Prophecy / Modern Lens series by Doug Hershey, featuring photography by Edden Ram. This title, a unique visual story of Jerusalem’s miraculous journey from a desolate city to a thriving seat of power in the Middle East, will release on August 3, 2021.

In Jerusalem Rising: The City of Peace Reawakens, the highly anticipated second volume of the series, author Doug Hershey offers some compelling answers to why the world is fascinated by the modern, yet ancient, city of Jerusalem. “Jerusalem is the only city on earth that has had its history prophesied thousands of years ahead of time—from its inception to its destruction, from a barely inhabitable wasteland to its revival as a formidable power on the world stage,” Hershey says. “Even during its centuries of desolation, the city has continued to arrest people’s hearts, regardless of their background, ruling empire, or religious beliefs.”

Written by Hershey and embellished with more than 153 images, Jerusalem Rising features rarely seen photographs taken between the 1840s and mid-1900s juxtaposed against contemporary photos of the same locations, taken by world-renowned travel and adventure photographer Edden Ram. These side by side photos illustrate the region’s biblical history and make a compelling case about the truth of Bible prophecy.

Jerusalem—and its alternative Hebrew name, Zion—appears more than 950 times in the Bible. The Old Testament book of 1 Kings refers to Jerusalem as the city where God chose to put his name. An ancient prophecy found in Zechariah 8 speaks to this destroyed city and its people about what is coming: a time when the city will again be teeming with Jewish life. According to Hershey, Zechariah’s 2,500-year-old prophecy appears to be unfolding before our eyes today.

“‘God will return to live in Jerusalem with His people!’ This statement alone makes Jerusalem the most unique location on the earth,” Hershey declares. “No other people group, city, or nation can make such a claim. In Jerusalem Rising, you will see for yourself through multiple ‘Then and Now’ photos why people throughout the ages have been drawn to this city, and thus drawn to Adonai, the Creator of the universe.”

“The side by side ‘Then and Now’ photo comparisons in the book are simply awe inspiring,” Hershey continues. “I believe they provide photographic evidence that the Zechariah 8 prophecy is coming to pass exactly as it was foretold.”

Jerusalem Rising details how this city has captured hearts for centuries, even while it lay in silent desolation. It includes quotes from religious leaders though the ages and historical personalities who had Jerusalem in mind as their ultimate prize.

In addition to Jerusalem Rising, Tyndale recently acquired the rights to publish Hershey’s previous book, Israel Rising: The Land of Israel Reawakens, which is available in stores now. Tyndale will relaunch this book upon the release of Jerusalem Rising: The City of Peace Reawakens.

Hershey’s Israel Rising came together while he was building his boutique travel company, Ezra Adventures, a unique international touring experience that specializes in highly personalized, small group travel for people who want to explore Israel but also want to venture off the beaten path rather than share a bus with a crowd. “I wanted to put together a comparison of old and new photos of the same sites in Israel for people who may never get a chance to travel there, while also working to promote my company, Ezra Adventures,” Hershey explains.

Israel Rising quickly secured the number one spot on seven separate Amazon sales charts, including General Israel Travel Guides, Christian Prophecy, Israel General, Women and Judaism, Judaism, History of Judaism, and Torah. As the intriguing book captured the imagination of countless readers, it also propelled its author into the limelight, and Hershey soon found himself an in-demand guest on multiple media outlets and broadcast programs.

Doug Hershey is represented by Yochanan Marcellino, City of Peace Media (

Jerusalem Rising: The City of Peace Reawakens
(ISBN 978-1-4964-5390-7, hardcover with dust jacket, $34.99)
The Ancient Prophecy / Modern Lens series
By Doug Hershey | Photography by Edden Ram
Book Trailer

Israel Rising: The Land of Israel Reawakens
(ISBN 978-1-4964-5774-5, hardcover with dust jacket, $34.95)
The Ancient Prophecy / Modern Lens series
By Doug Hershey | Photography by Elise Theriault
Book Trailer

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