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Tyndale House Publishers releases Karen Stiller’s memoir in essays, “The Minister’s Wife”

CAROL STREAM, Ill. (May 7, 2020)—Karen Stiller, senior editor of the Canadian magazine Faith Today, has written The Minister’s Wife, a memoir in essays that transports you into one woman’s life, while inspiring you to think differently about your own. Karen never expected to be a minister’s wife. And the life she discovered was more challenging—and more beautiful—than she could have anticipated. As she shares her own deep-from-the-heart experiences, she welcomes us to join her on a rich, difficult, yet ultimately grace-filled journey through real-life stuff like forgiveness, marriage, family, doubt, loneliness, and much more.

We all wrestle with tough questions about life and faith, and Karen Stiller has learned that answers don’t come any easier when you’re married to a minister. What does it mean to live faithfully in our complicated world? Is there a place here for me—the real me? What does everyone expect of me, and what if I fail? In The Minister’s Wife, Karen shines a light on the rhythms and tough realities of the spiritual life for every one of us. She explores how community helps us grow; the unexpected beauty of doubt; the messy pain of families and funerals; how church can hurt and heal; and the beauty of showing up when sometimes it’s more appealing to go to a coffee shop on a Sunday morning (even when you’re the pastor’s wife).

Warm, witty, and achingly honest, The Minister’s Wife is a memoir in essays on choosing to belong and an invitation to join Karen on a spiritual adventure.

Regarding this release, associate publisher Sarah Atkinson said, “Karen Stiller invites us to peek behind the curtain and see into the private world of a minister’s wife. Everyone expects you to appear perfect—to model an ideal marriage, family, and faith—but you know you’re as flawed and complicated as the rest of us. Karen brings the life of a minister’s wife to light in a warm and winning way, writing with both utter love and raw honesty. It is an absolute privilege to publish an author of Karen’s caliber, and I can’t wait for the world to read her words. This book will be a blessing to anyone who knows and loves a minister’s wife.”

Karen Stiller is a writer with more than twenty years of experience. She serves as a senior editor of the Canadian magazine Faith Today and as a journalist who has shared stories from refugee camps in South Sudan and Uganda, the slums of Senegal, and the countryside of Cambodia. Her work has appeared in Reader’s Digest and The Walrus, among other publications. She moderates the Religion and Society Series at the University of Toronto, a debate between leading atheists and theologians. Karen holds a master of fine arts in creative non-fiction from University of King’s College, Halifax. She lives in Ottawa, Canada.

Karen is represented by Westwood Creative Artists Ltd.

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