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Tyndale House Foundation benefits from
Tyndale House Publishers’ profitability

Carol Stream, Ill. – (July 6, 2018)  Tyndale House Publishers (@tyndalehouse) recently completed its thirty-ninth consecutive year of profitability. As always, the company contributed most of its profit to the Tyndale House Foundation, which makes grants to ministries across the globe. The profitability of Tyndale House Publishers enables the Tyndale House Foundation to distribute more than four million dollars annually.

Tyndale has always been committed to supporting global mission outreach through both its content and its profits. The profits of Tyndale House Publishers flow directly to Tyndale House Foundation. Tyndale House Publishers’ success means that more funds will be donated to ministry.

According to Tyndale House Publishers’ CFO, Paul Mathews, “In an industry that is always changing, Tyndale has been able to successfully manage its way and remain financially strong. Despite its generous funding of the Tyndale House Foundation grants, the publishing company continues to operate with a debt-free balance sheet.” Mathews adds, “The strong balance sheet allows Tyndale to invest in projects consistent with its values and those it deems financially promising. It funds its own publishing ministry while also giving generously to other good works through the Tyndale House Foundation.”

The Tyndale House Foundation was established by Kenneth and Margaret Taylor in 1963. Tyndale House Publishers’ founder, Dr. Kenneth Taylor, modeled generosity in his personal life as well as through his leadership of Tyndale House. Although he could have been a rich man by keeping the profits for himself, Dr. Taylor was not interested in the accumulation of wealth for his own gain, but for the impact such wealth could have in enabling people to know and discover the truth of God’s love. This is the heart of Tyndale House Publishers—succeeding in their work so that further ministry can happen.

As heirs to this wonderful legacy, Tyndale House Publishers recognizes that everything they have is a gift from God, and if they are to be image bearers of Christ, they need to demonstrate generosity in the way they conduct business.

Tyndale House Publishers, founded in 1962, is the world’s largest privately held Christian publisher of books, Bibles, and digital media. Tyndale has published many New York Times bestsellers. The largest portion of its profit goes to the nonprofit Tyndale House Foundation, which makes grants to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world. Tyndale was founded to publish Living Letters, which later comprised part of The Living Bible, a contemporary paraphrase of the Bible that became a global publishing phenomenon. Tyndale now publishes the Holy Bible, New Living Translation (NLT), the translation of choice for millions of people.