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Tyndale House announces agreement with Ann White
and Courage for Life to publish Women’s Study Bible

Carol Stream, Illinois (July 30, 2020) – Tyndale House Publishers (@tyndalehouse) has announced that it has signed an agreement with Ann White and Courage for Life to create a study Bible for women. Scheduled to release March 8, 2022, the Bible will be a vital resource for all women, but particularly those who have had traumatic experiences.

“We are thrilled to join Courage for Life in this vital project to craft a new Bible for women. But not just a Bible for women. It’s especially for women who often feel lost, last, and least; in the toughest places and looking for help,” said Tyndale’s Jim Jewell. “We commend the strong ministry of Ann White and Courage for Life, and we consider it a privilege to be part of it through the development of this study Bible.”

Many female readers will encounter the ministry edition of this Bible through the Courage for Life prison ministry. However, this book is not just for incarcerated women, as any woman who uses this Bible will find herself growing in her knowledge of God’s Word and its transformative power.

The women’s study Bible will feature the following:

  • Sixty-six book introductions
  • A study feature that will engage the reader and encourage the practice of following the Pray, Observe, Interpret, and Apply approach to Bible study
  • Study notes
  • Wide margins
  • Listen to the Word feature directing readers to listen to Scripture
  • Go Deeper (QR code access to video and audio)
  • Visual Timeline
  • Women of courageous faith interrupters featuring Bible and contemporary characters
  • Topical index
  • Bible infographics/maps

About Ann White and Courage For Life
Ann White is an internationally known author, speaker, and passionate Bible teacher. She founded her global ministry, Courage for Life, out of a calling to share with others how God and His Word brought restoration to her life and marriage. Having personally experienced God’s grace, salvation, and the life-changing power of the Bible, Ann’s desire is to extend this same love, mercy, and encouragement to others, so they too may be reconciled to God. Because they believe God’s Word is central in finding courage, Ann and the Courage For Life team desire to equip believers to be better students and teachers of the Bible. And while it’s their primary objective to see individuals have the courage to change their own life, they realize the benefits of that change are never exclusively for the individual, but for the common good of all people and for the glory of God. They lead Courage For Life studies and conferences both domestically and internationally. Through books, Bible studies, and teaching resources, the Courage For Life team is dedicated to helping others find the courage to change, develop the courage to lead, and have the courage to serve. Ann White and Courage for Life are represented by Dave Schroeder at WTA Media, LLC.

About Tyndale House Publishers
Since its founding in 1962, Tyndale House Publishers has been a voice to trust for generations of readers. Today, Tyndale is one of the largest independent Christian publishers in the world. Tyndale’s mission is to make the Bible accessible to as many people as possible in language that they can relate and respond to. Tyndale publishes the Holy Bible, New Living Translation (NLT), and offers nonfiction books that equip readers with Christ-centered insight, counsel, and life-improving stories. In addition, Tyndale publishes fiction from fresh new voices and celebrated authors alike, capturing the imagination of millions of readers. With a deep understanding of the importance of nurturing future generations, Tyndale also publishes children’s products that make God’s Word and wisdom come alive. Tyndale’s independent status allows it to follow its founding model, giving a majority of annual revenue—more than $100 million throughout its history—to charitable missions. With every book purchased, Tyndale readers help meet the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world.