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Top U.S. civil lawyer signs contract with IVP for Spring 2022 Release of “World Religions on Trial”

WESTMONT, IL—Mark Lanier, author of Christianity on Trial and one of the top civil trial lawyers in America, has signed a contract with InterVarsity Press to release his next book, tentatively titled World Religions on Trial, in Spring 2022.

During the past thirty years, Lanier has taken on some of the biggest challenges in the legal field. In doing so, he has achieved some of the largest verdicts in history, accomplishments that have changed business practices to protect the public and have gained justice for the victims of dangerous drugs, medical devices, and other consumer products. In addition, he has successfully represented a select number of clients in claims involving fraud, breach of contract and other forms of business litigation.

These results cumulatively put Lanier close to $20 billion in verdicts during his highly acclaimed career.

Lanier’s success in the courtroom and perspectives on litigation have been featured in The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, the Los Angeles TimesThe Boston GlobeBloomberg News and the Houston Chronicle, among many other publications. He is also a frequent guest on news and business programs for a wide range of broadcast and cable networks.

Drawing on his extensive law career Lanier applied the same legal principles to his first book, Christianity on Trial, and now turns his attention to world religions. He said, “In this new book I present truth claims made by the world’s great religions, discuss their history, cross-examine their witnesses (scriptures and traditions), and determine whether I find claims meritorious and worthy of my belief.”

“The book is written for people who are puzzled by a dizzying array of religious options.  They have friends, neighbors, and co-workers who practice these religions, but they know little about them.  They wonder: are they true?  Is one faith just as good as another?  In that sense, what is most important, many do not know how their own faith compares nor how they should respond.  They worry that if they learn about other faiths, it may dilute their energy and passion for their own. Using a lawyer’s approach and style, I attempt to demonstrate how that worry is completely unfounded.”

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