We are officially halfway through 2022…

Can you believe it?


Now is the perfect time to analyze your faith-based marketing efforts from the first half of the year and make adjustments to see even better results for your ministry or business in Q3 and Q4. Here are some questions to get you started:


  1. How well do you know your audience?
  2. What’s working?  What are you doing right? 
  3. Are you trying something new? (Hint: you should be.) 
  4. Is your website up-to-date and SEO optimized?
  5. Is your CTA clear?  (CTA = Call To Action)
  6. Is your message SIMPLE & RELEVANT?
  7. Do you have a PR plan?
  8. Are you receiving feedback? Are you open to it? 
  9. What is your ministry or business doing to adapt? 
  10. Are you planning for next year? (or just trying to get through December…) 


As you further define your target audience, organizational goals, and marketing strategies, don’t be afraid to try new things! Analyze what’s going well, replace something that isn’t working by trying something new, and look at where you can adapt to reach more people with the core messages for your cause, product, service, or project for the rest of 2022. 


Do you need help with some of these questions? Contact us.  We can review what your ministry or business is currently doing and recommend changes to increase results or new initiatives to try. We will help you to increase engagement and/or create new engagement!


Message us to get started.