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TIM REDMOND – Public Speaker and Business Coach, author of POWER TO CREATE: The Ultimate Guide to Eliminate Scarcity and Produce Massive Results for Yourself and Others (Harrison House, 2012).

Tim Redmond grew a leading high-tech company from 2 employees to over 450, and generated more than $120 million dollars in pre-tax profits. After the sale of the business to a Fortune 1000 company, Redmond founded Redmond Growth and dedicated his life to helping people discover their path to personal purpose, passion and meaning in life.

Redmond offers an innovative approach to unlock your purpose, strengthen your relationships and increase your generosity.

Tim Redmond's Power To CreateSuggested interview topics:

  • How Tim found his purpose to help train, consult and coach businesses, churches and government leaders.
  • How to find your unique purpose, and powerfully live it.
  • How to transform your work into a place of worship.
  • How to increase your giving.
  • How to break free from the two key paralyzing lies of scarcity.
  • How to approach your problems with energy, creativity and skill.
  • How to balance and bring clarity to the creative gifts God has given you.

Perfect for interviews surrounding Thanksgiving, New Years, the election, and general topics.

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Lori Heiselman

Review copies of POWER TO CREATE, available upon request.