Marketing to the Catholic communityWe talk a lot about targeting and knowing the different segments of the faith-based audience here on our Christian marketing blog and today, we are offering some ideas to reach a part of the Christian market customer base you may be overlooking: members of the Catholic Church. Catholics and Protestants share the core teaching of Jesus and the Scriptural beliefs of the Bible, making Catholics a very large group of Christian market consumers. In fact, there are over 70 million Catholics who just like Protestants are in different stages of their spiritual journey in the faith.  How do you reach this large group?

Focus on family values: Catholics hold the values of faith and family very closely and put great emphasis on marriage and family. They also strongly believe in passing their traditions of faith onto their children. Brands and products that focus on upholding traditions and practicing faith as a family would be well-received by Catholic consumers. Some examples would be family devotions, parenting books, and resources that provide tangible ways to do this.

Help provide inclusive resources that are practical: Catholics often abide by traditions that can feel isolating and forgotten. By providing resources that are practical and tangible, audiences will feel acknowledged and can address “pain points” that they may be feeling. Some examples are faith-based and family friendly entertainment, Christian reviews of current movies and tv programs for parents, and events that include traditional aspects. 

Know which branch of the Catholic Church in America that you need to target: The highly organized structure of the church has hundreds of dioceses and thousands of parishes. There are also many special events, such as conferences and youth gatherings that would provide great opportunity for reaching specific groups. For example, a resource for marriages might find a home by publicizing at the Marriage Encounter events, or a women’s devotional may be best publicized in connection with The National Council of Catholic Women. Knowing which branch is for which audience will increase your efficacy.

By utilizing these tips, you can make sure your marketing efforts aren’t missing such a broad and worthwhile audience. The FrontGate team has a long, successful history reaching the Catholic church audience. We are one of only a few agencies who effectively reach the Evangelical and Catholic audiences.

We can help you with your next campaign through PR, advertising, or social marketing. Reach out to us today!

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