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Three-time World Series Champion Jeremy
Affeldt to Publish with Zondervan

Jeremy Affeldt played major league baseball for fourteen years, finishing his career with the San Francisco Giants during their championship years of 2010, 2012, and 2014. In his upcoming book, Affeldt will share his story of a man finding his way home. Things on the field were nothing but smiles, but it was a much different story at home. Following the Series win in 2012 and the birth of their third child, everything fell apart, most of all Jeremy. He was scared he might lose it all. The book is scheduled to release in March 2020. World Rights were acquired by Andy Rogers, Zondervan Trade Acquisitions Editor. Affeldt is agented by Esther Feddorkevich of the Fedd Agency.

Affeldt is an active leader in the fight to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery, as well as an advocate to support and feed the hungry at home and around the globe. He is the co-founder of Generation Alive, a non-profit organization that works to teach and inspire a generation of young people to act by serving others. Since his retirement from professional baseball, he works as a television analyst covering the San Francisco Giants on NBC Sports Bay Area, and is heard weekly on KNBR Radio.