social-networks-2Staying on the forefront of social media is key for any marketing professional, but with the constant change, it can be hard to keep up. Forbes recently released their list of the top seven trends in social media (read full article here) We’ve rounded up some of the newest trends in social media and how they affect YOU:

Periscope is at the top of their game: Do you know what Periscope is? In-the moment updates are some of the biggest changes to hit social media in 2015. Periscope offers live streaming updates that are time sensitive, so viewers must view them within a certain time frame. Why does this matter to you? It offers extra incentive for your audience to click and subscribe to your updates, because they will be gone if they don’t view them in time. The downside is that you have to be very consistent with updates, and provide quality video content. If you’re a smaller business or brand, having a team dedicated to video streaming can be costly and difficult, but the benefit is definitely there. Periscope is currently growing at rapid rates, with over ten million registered users…that’s a pretty big audience to miss!

Facebook changes: With the success of tablet and iPhone reader platform Flipbook, Facebook has come in swinging with their own platform that allows marketers to post full-length articles WITHOUT click-through links. It provides a seamless experience for readers. They are also in the development stages of a digital assistant similar to Siri, and their own in-app search engine. These changes are significant for Christian organizations because they enable a new way for content to be presented to our audiences.

Organic content no more: Within the last few years, Facebook has pushed businesses and pages into paying for their content to be seen, and that’s only set to increase. Forbes has predicted rises in the costs of advertising as a whole as the competition for visibility moves higher. This will likely be true in social as well.

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