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Thomas Nelson releases NET ABIDE Bible Journals

Nashville, Ten. (Jan. 2021) – Thomas Nelson, in partnership with Bible Gateway and the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement, is pleased to announce the release of the NET Abide Bible Journals.

“The Abide Bible Journals are a beautifully designed tool to help you to reflect on God’s Word so that you can better meet and know God,” remarked Phil Collins, PhD, Professor of Christian Ministries and Executive Director, Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement. “The prompts and the space provided for writing are designed to help you slow down and immerse yourself in Scriptures so that God can change you from the inside out. Don’t skim over God’s Word, let it become a part of your very being.”

The NET Abide Bible Journals are designed to help readers experience the peace, hope, and growth that come from encountering the voice and presence of God in Scripture. Using four, time-tested Scripture engagement tools, readers can deepen their experience with God in Scripture and become transformed.

Each journal volume is designed to help readers focus on the message of a section of the Bible and includes individual book introductions, a single-column Scripture layout, and powerful passage-specific prompts with light journaling lines opposite each page of Scripture.

Readers can focus on one book at a time with 66 books of the Bible divided into 45 individual, paperback NET Abide Bible Journals or delve deeper into the study of the Old and New Testaments divided into five box sets: The Writings, The Prophets, The Law, The Gospel and Acts and The Epistles and Revelation. A complete Bible box set of NET Abide Bible Journals is also available. Each journal showcases stunning cover artwork by Stephen Crotts and features:

  • Clear and readable Thomas Nelson NET Typeface
  • Thick paper suited for journaling
  • Brief book introductions
  • Innovative Scripture-engagement prompts
  • Handheld size for personal and group study
  • Flexible sewn binding
NET Abide Bible Journals
9780785237396NET Abide Bible Journal – 1-2 Corinthians, Paperback, Comfort Print, $9.99
9780785237617NET Abide Bible Journal – 1-2 Peter, Paperback, Comfort Print, $6.99
9780785237570NET Abide Bible Journal – 1-2 Thessalonians, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785237587NET Abide Bible Journal – 1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785237624NET Abide Bible Journal – 1-3 John, Jude, Paperback, Comfort Print, $6.99
9780785237334NET Abide Bible Journal – Acts, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785237488NET Abide Bible Journal – Colossians, Paperback, Comfort Print, $6.99
9780785237228NET Abide Bible Journal – Daniel, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785237129NET Abide Bible Journal – Ecclesiastes, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785237426NET Abide Bible Journal – Ephesians, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785236924NET Abide Bible Journal – Exodus, Paperback, Comfort Print, $9.99
9780785237419NET Abide Bible Journal – Galatians, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785236917NET Abide Bible Journal – Genesis, Paperback, Comfort Print, $9.99
9780785237594NET Abide Bible Journal – Hebrews, Paperback, Comfort print, $7.99
9780785237150NET Abide Bible Journal – Isaiah, Paperback, Comfort Print, $9.99
9780785237600NET Abide Bible Journal – James, Paperback, Comfort Print, $6.99
9780785237327NET Abide Bible Journal – John, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785237310NET Abide Bible Journal – Luke, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785237297NET Abide Bible Journal – Mark, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785237280NET Abide Bible Journal – Matthew, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785237471NET Abide Bible Journal – Philippians, Paperback, Comfort Print, $6.99
9780785237082NET Abide Bible Journal – Proverbs, Paperback, Comfort Print, $9.99
9780785237075NET Abide Bible Journal – Psalms, Paperback, Comfort Print, $9.99
9780785237631NET Abide Bible Journal – Revelation, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785237389NET Abide Bible Journal – Romans, Paperback, Comfort Print, $7.99
9780785236993NET Abide Bible Journal – Ruth, Paperback, Comfort Print, $5.99
NET Abide Bible Journal Box Sets
9780785237648The Complete Bible: NET Abide Bible Journals Box Set, Comfort Print, $299.99
9780785237358The Epistles and Revelation: NET Abide Bible Journals Box Set, Comfort Print, $99.99
9780785237273The Gospels and Acts: NET Abide Bible Journals Box Set, Comfort Print, $34.99
9780785236900The Law: NET Abide Bible Journals Box Set, Comfort Print, $39.99
9780785237143The Prophets: NET Abide Bible Journals Box Set, Comfort Print, $59.99
9780785236962The Writings: NET Abide Bible Journals Box Set, Comfort Print, $99.99

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