Collection of Books By Women In Ministry Provide Scriptural Depth and Application 

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NASHVILLE, TN—Thomas Nelson’s Bible Group, a division of Harper Collins Christian Publishing, launches a new collection of Bible study resources for women under the name InScribed. InScribed ( is the first study line of its kind for the publisher, one of the leading inspirational publishers in the world.

The first four InScribed titles releasing March 4 include: Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life by Wendy Blight, Leaving Ordinary: Encounter God Through Extraordinary Prayer by Donna Gaines, Dive Deeper: Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion by Jenifer Jernigan, and Amazed and Confused: When God’s Actions Collide with Our Expectations by Heather Zempel. The new line can best be defined by how the reader uses and interacts with the material. “We are bringing a new kind of book–an in depth exploration of Scripture,” says Frank Couch, Publisher, Thomas Nelson Bible Group.

“Traditionally Christian non-fiction writers are pastors, therefore it is difficult for talented women writers to get a fair opportunity to be published. InScribed is more than a line of books. It is a community of gifted women writers each with a message that needs to be heard,” says Couch.

InScribed is a collection of studies by women inspired by Proverbs 3:3, leading women not just to survive, but thrive, encouraging them to immerse themselves in the person of Jesus Christ. Mark Batterson, Lysa TerKeurst, Christine Caine, Margaret Feinberg, Kasey Van Norman, and others have given their endorsement. This fall the publisher will release three more titles from authors Sarah Martin, Amanda Haley, and Ashley Linne.

The collection of InScribed books speaks to current life situations from the perspective of Scripture. The InScribed studies are meant to bring appropriate understanding, encouragement, and healing. The books have common elements including personal reflections, biblical illustrations and principles, study helps, reflectivequestions with suggested tasks, additional studies, and discussion.

“The focus of the InScribed Collection has been on the collection, on the community, and on the added value to the consumer in having a new group of enriching book products from these women,” shares Jennifer Keller, Director of Marketing.

The books will be merchandised together in a display that showcases each of the titles and will allow room for the additional titles to come. Nelson’s bulk purchase program will encourage the purchase of multiple copies of any of the books in stores or online.

“Many churches and ministries, like Proverbs 31 Ministries, have been quick to support the collection, already committing to one of the books for a spring study. The more people learn about InScribed, the more they love it. Interacting with the authors and books seems to always lead to a new believer in the collection,” says Keller.

The authors of InScribed are a community focused on collaboration and not competition, enabling authors from many different viewpoints to build community with each other and the larger circle of female readers. To hear from the authors of the InScribed collection, go to:

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 Q & A with Thomas Nelson Publishers

Frank Couch, Vice President and Associate Publisher
Study Resources and Translation Development, Thomas Nelson Publishers


1.    Why is Thomas Nelson releasing a new line of study resources under the name InScribed?Traditionally Christian non-fiction writers are pastors, and therefore it is difficult for talented women writers to get a fair opportunity to be published. InScribed is more than a line of books. It is a community of gifted women writers–each with a message that needs to be heard.

2.    What do the InScribed authors offer that is unique to women’s resources? Each author has a unique gift and a unique message. Together they have a strong presence and a support community of one another.

3.    How does the collection of InScribed books fit into the overall publishing picture rightnow, especially with new formats, price points, digital interest? Each of the authors writes from a strong biblical knowledge. Their messages are timely, the books are a great value, and the whole package (cover design, paper treatment, and French flaps) is quite attractive. As for digital distribution of books, it is expanding. Non-fiction is growing slower than fiction, so that the physical book still has a long life ahead.

4.    What are your expectations for these first four books and the remaining three books releasing under InScribed this fall? We have different expectations based on known groups who are buying and using them. We are prepared to stand with these authors to help them become established authors.

5.    What excites you most about the launch of these authors?  Knowing these ladies individually, I would say the most satisfying thing is being able to give them a publishing platform for their messages. They are lovely people who must be heard. People with a clear and needed message should have the opportunity to write to those who will benefit greatly from their work.

6.    Do you believe that this new format and method for women to read and study will revolutionize the way most people think of Bible studies? I don’t know that it will revolutionize anything, but I am certain that being part of a community of authors will give each of them a much stronger presence together than any of them would have had alone. The approach of speaking from the context that Scripture provides rather than building an artificial message will make a difference as the student of the Bible becomes accustomed to this technique.

7.    What is Thomas Nelson doing to uniquely market these first four books releasing under InScribed? The focus has been on the collection, on the community, and on the added value to the consumer in having a whole new group of enriching books. We have built the website,, which is truly our home base and hub of activity for this new brand and community. We have also partnered with Lisa Leonard Designs to develop a custom InScribed necklace, which is part of our bulk purchase rewards program. If a group or ministry buys 10, 20, or 30 copies of any book they will receive a custom designed invitation to launchtheir group discussion, a number of the necklaces, and a chance to participate in a Google Hangout with the authors.

8.    How have you found the market to be receptive to these books in retail outlets, churches and ministries, and other sales and marketing channels? Most have been impressed and quickly engaged with the idea of InScribed as they learn about the authors, the marketing, and see the finished books– they are beautiful! Many churches and ministries, like Proverbs 31 Ministries, have been quick to support the collection, already committing to one of the books for a study.

9.    Are there milestones you hope to reach or opportunities you’ve already had with the InScribed collection? Having one of the InScribed books picked up by the respected Proverbs 31 Ministries as their spring study was definitely a milestone. Having respected leaders like Mark Batterson, Lysa TerKeurst, Margaret Feinberg, and others provide endorsements and marketing support was a milestone as well. Having church groups and ministries adopt all of the books is a goal for the future, and one that is driving our marketing efforts.