FrontGate Social MediaFrontGate Media’s blog series on The Science of Social Media: Posting analyzes the five major considerations to think about when creating a social media posting strategy as exemplified by our own experience and tips from serving clients in social media since 2007, and references from an excellent study conducted by Track Social. 


We’ve been working in social media since to 2007.  In fact, our media group was the first Christian media group to include social media as part of our faith-based audience promotions.

In Part 2 of our series on The Science of Social Media Posting, we’ll explore the content of a post, including post type, be it pictures ,video, a link, a question or Facebook poll, or just a plain-text status update.

First, let’s take a look at the success of the various types of social media posts.  It’s no secret that a post with some sort of visual is going to garner more response than a plain text post.  However, that doesn’t show the whole picture (pun intended of course!):Facebook Engagement by Post Type

From this stat, it is clear that pictures have a much higher Like Per Post average and a stronger Comments Per Post average than all other types of posts, giving it the highest Engagement score as well.

Surprisingly, videos have the lowest Engagement score other than links.

Not surprisingly, Questions (aka Facebook Polls) have a lot of response in the way of Votes Per Post, which are a unique stat to that post type.

From this study, photos are undoubtedly the most engaging kind of post, and yet the least engaging type, links, are still the majority of posts sent out.

It is important to use a variety of post types to keep things interesting, as repetition inevitably gets less exciting, but knowing these engagement stats can help you create a posting schedule sure to keep your users engaged.

We’ve been very active for our social media clients to create visuals like the one below for Kenny Luck and Every Man Ministries around our PR and Social Media campaign for

A Man's Secrets

For a look into the upcoming content in this blog series, please check out part one, The Science of Social Media: Posting – Overview.