FrontGate Social MediaFrontGate Media’s blog series on The Science of Social Media: Posting analyzes the five major considerations to think about when creating a social media posting strategy as exemplified by our own experience and tips from serving clients in social media since 2007, and references from an excellent study conducted by Track Social. 


Outside of the content and make up of a post, it is equally as important to the timing of the release of the post.  What days and times should you post?  When you look at all the posts sent out throughout the week, you will be able to calculate the days of the week that get the most response and the times of the day that have the most interaction.  Here are some results taken from posts on various days and various times:

Day of the Week?

As you can see, Saturday and Sunday receive higher Response Scores (16% higher) than the weekdays.

Time of Day?

After 6pm CST (7pm EST, 4pm PST), posts are getting 10% more response than posts at other times of the day.  Congruent with that, posts posted during non-business hours got about 20% better response than posts sent during business hours:

Business Hours?

While businesses operate from 8-5, M-F, Facebook posts from brands are most popular when business men and women are outside of work.  This shows that posting during the off-hours yields positive results and Facebookers don’t seem to mind the “intrusion”.

When creating your social media posting schedule, take these statistics into account and consider throwing some posts out there during these high-times.


To wrap this all up, there are five major considerations to think about when creating a post strategy: post type, post content, post length, posting frequency, and when to post.  If you keep these study results in mind when creating a post strategy for your brand, you will see higher rates of interaction and response and more post visibility as a result.

If you are overwhelmed by either a lack of time available to do all that you want with social media, or by the sheer learning curve to do it well, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll review where you are and where you want to be, and give you a plan outlining how FrontGate Media’s Social Media team can help you.


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