FrontGate Social Media ServicesFrontGate Media’s blog series on The Science of Social Media: Posting analyzes the five major considerations to think about when creating a social media posting strategy as exemplified by our own experience and tips from serving clients in social media since 2007, and references from an excellent study conducted by Track Social. 


For many years, it was hard to analyze Facebook posts as we created and executed social media growth campaigns for our faith-based clients.   Now, with Facebook Insights you can finally review some very nice analytics measuring things like reach, virality, likes, and comments, which allows for further, third party analysis.

For example, posts are categorized as photos, questions, status updates, flash, videos, or links.  From these, you can then measure which kind of post is most effective.

When you look at the frequency of posts by a page, you can determine the most effective number of posts to do each day.  By analyzing the popularity of a few posts at different times of the day or week, you can measure the best days to post, and the best times to post during those days.

To get even more in depth, we are now able to measure the level of response by the length of the post and post content!   All this information can help guide us, and now you, to create a social media plan perfect for your particular brand.

In this 6 part series, we’ll explore the science of posting and what makes a successful post.

Track Social

We will be referencing a study executed by Track Social, called “Optimizing Facebook Engagement” which used the Track Social analytics platform in tracking more than 12,000 brands on social media, to analyze what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Facebook Engagement.

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